The AAEC blowdown and containment rig.

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Australian Atomic Energy Commission
The arrangement operation and associated instrumentation of the AAEC blowdown and containment rig up to mid-1980 is described. Details of typical experiments are given to illustrate applications. The rig consists of a 14 L high pressure vessel rated to operate up to 16 MPa at 340 degs. C and an 1800 L low pressure vessel having a maximum pressure rating of 450 kPa at 250 degs. C. The blowdown discharge rate can be controlled in various ways including flow through an 8 mm bore tube or one of a set of bevelled orifice plates with bores ranging from 2 to 8 mm. The variables usually measured are the pressure and temperature at selected positions as functions of time. Experimental results show among other things the considerable effect of the initial air pressure in the containment vessel on the maximum pressure attained and on the temperature distribution.
Blowdown, Spatial distribution, Fluid flow, Reactor simulators, Pressure vessels
Holland, P. G. (1982). The AAEC blowdown and containment rig (AAEC/E535). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.