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Title: Magneto-structural correlations of a three-dimensional Mn based metal-organic framework
Authors: Nadeem, MA
Craig, DJ
Bircher, R
Stride, JA
Keywords: X-ray diffraction
Crystal structure
Antiferromagnetic materials
Magnetic properties
Hydrothermal synthesis
Issue Date: 14-May-2010
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Citation: Nadeem, M. A., Craig, D. J., Bircher, R., & Stride, J. A. (2010). Magneto-structural correlations of a three-dimensional Mn based metal-organic framework. Dalton Transactions, 39(18), 4358-4362. doi:10.1039/b922750d
Abstract: A 3D metal–organic framework, [Na{Mn3(Hbtc)2(btc)}·5H2O]n ( 1) (H3btc = 1,3,5-benzene tricarboxylic acid), was synthesized under hydrothermal conditions. The structure of 1 was established by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis; 1 crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P2/c, a = 9.753(3) Å, b = 12.751(2) Å, c = 14.174(4) Å, = 109.41(1)°. The complex 1 is isostructural to previously reported MIL-45 and consists of one dimensional wave like chains of carboxylate bridged hexa-coordinated Mn(II) ions. Variable temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements revealed dominant antiferromagnetic exchange interactions and the intra-chain exchange constants J1 = -2.4 cm-1 and J2 = -0.6 cm-1 compare well with literature values for similar materials. Inter-chain interactions are expected to be very small in this compound and there is no indication of magnetic ordering phenomena in the temperature range from 300–2 K. © 2010, Royal Society of Chemistry
Gov't Doc #: 1748
ISSN: 1477-9226
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