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Title: Initial results on the compatibility of austenitic stainless-steel with carbon-dioxide.
Authors: Draycott, A
Smith, R
Keywords: Carbon dioxide
Stainless steels
Austenitic steels
Issue Date: Aug-1960
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Draycott, A., & Smith, R. (1960). Initial results on the compatibility of austenitic stainless-steel with carbon-dioxide. (AAEC/E52). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: The possibility of selecting stainless-steel as either a canning or structural material in the projected Australian H.T.G.C. reactor has stimulated interest in the compatibility of this material with CO2. The first series of experiments has been carried out on the oxidation behaviour of an 18-8-Ti stabilized steel in CO2 in the temperature range 550-700ºC, under varying conditions of surface preparation, pressure, velocity and impurity content of the gas. The rate of oxidation was followed by measuring the weight increase of specimens as a function of time of exposure in tests of up to 2500 hours of duration. Supporting information on the nature of the oxidation process was obtained from metallographic and x-ray diffraction techniques. It was found that work-hardened surfaces oxidized at a much lower rate than etched surfaces. In the case of work-hardened surfaces a protective film of Cr2O3 formed which persisted throughout the duration of the tests. On etched surfaces, rapid oxidation occurred to give a non-protective multiplayer scale. In many specimens a thin layer of a second austenite formed below the oxide scale. In no case studied was there any evidence of carburisation. Both pressure and velocity of the gas had considerable effects on the rate of attack of the steel. This investigation has shown that in the range of pressure and velocity investigated, the 18-8-Ti austenitic stainless-steel can be used in CO2 at temperatures up to 675ºC.
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