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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2023Phase stability of dross particles in hot-dip Zn-55wt%Al-1.6wt%Si galvanizing bathQu, DD; Gear, M; Gu, QF; Setargew, N; Renshaw, W; McDonald, S; StJohn, D; Nogita, K
18-Apr-2023Hydrogen storage performance and phase transformations in as-cast and extruded Mg-Ni-Gd-Y-Zn-Cu alloysYao, H; Zeng, G; Tan, XF; Gu, QF; Nogita, K; Guo, J; Li, Q
Feb-2023Investigating the vertical and spatial extent of radon-based classification of the atmospheric mixing state and impacts on seasonal urban air qualityKikaj, D; Chamber, SD; Crawford, J; Kobal, M; Gregorič, A; Vaupotič, J
Feb-2023Coordination polymers of perylenetetracarboxylate with Cs(I) ions: 3D structures with 2D inorganic layers or triple coordination netsNguyen, TH; Karatchevtseva, I; Bhadbhade, MM; Zhang, YJ
Feb-2023Thermal batteries based on inverse barocaloric effectsZhang, Z; Li, K; Lin, SC; Song, R; Yu, DH; Wang, Y; Wang, JF; Kawaguchi, S; Zhang, Z; Yu, C; Li, X; Chen, J; He, L; Mole, RA; Yuan, B; Ren, QY; Qian, K; Cai, Z; Yu, J; Wang, M; Zhao, C; Tong, X; Zhang, Z; Li, B
21-Mar-2023The membrane activity of the antimicrobial peptide caerin 1.1 is pH dependentSani, MA; Le Brun, AP; Rajput, S; Attard, T; Separovic, F
11-Jan-2023Investigation on the relationship between lipid composition and structure in model membranes composed of extracted natural phospholipidsSantamaria, A; Batchu, KC; Fragnito, G; Laux, V; Haertlein, M; Darwish, TA; Russell, RA; Zaccai, NR; Guzmán, E; Maestro, A
11-Aug-2022Radiological risk assessment to marine biota from exposure to NORM from a decommissioned offshore oil and gas pipelineMacIntosh, A; Koppel, DJ; Johansen, MP; Beresford, NA; Copplestone, D; Penrose, B; Cresswell, T
Feb-2022Best practices for predictions of radionuclide activity concentrations and total absorbed dose rates to freshwater organisms exposed to uranium mining/millingGoulet, R; Newsome, L; Vandenhove, H; Keum, DK; Horyna, J; Kamboj, S; Brown, JE; Johansen, MP; Twining, JR; Wood, MD; Černe, M; Beaugelin-Seiller, K; Beresford, NA
10-Oct-2022Radioactive particles from a range of past nuclear events: challenges posed by highly varied structure and compositionJohansen, MP; Child, DP; Collins, RN; Cook, M; Howell, NR; Ikeda-ohno, A; Young, EL
29-Nov-2022Environmental chemistry response of beryllium to diverse soil-solution conditions at a waste disposal siteIslam, MR; Sanderson, P; Johansen, MP; Payne, TE; Naidu, R
Dec-2011Crystal and magnetic structures in perovskite-related La1-xCaxFeO3-δ (x=0.2, 0.33)Hudspeth, JM; Stewart, GA; Studer, AJ; Goossens, DJ
1-Aug-2022Na-modified cast hypo-eutectic Mg–Mg2Si alloys for solid-state hydrogen storageTan, XF; Kim, MJ; Gu, QF; Pinzon Piraquive, J; Zeng, G; McDonald, SD; Nogita, K
9-Jul-2022A technique for preparing undecalcified osteochondral fresh frozen sections for elemental mapping and understanding disease etiologyFan, XW; Lee, KM; Jones, MWM; Howard, DL; Crawford, R; Prasadam, I
Jul-2021Effects of post heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of wire arc additively manufactured Hastelloy C276 alloyQiu, ZJ; Wu, BT; Wang, ZY; Wexler, D; Carpenter, K; Zhu, HL; Muránsky, O; Zhang, JR; Li, HJ
15-Mar-2020Characterisation of shallow groundwater dissolved organic matter in aeolian, alluvial and fractured rock aquifersMcDonough, LK; Rutlidge, H; O’Carroll, DM; Andersen, MS; Meredith, K; Benkhe, MI; Spencer, RGM; McKenna, AM; Marjo, CE; Oudone, PP; Baker, AA
9-Mar-2020Changes in global groundwater organic carbon driven by climate change and urbanizationMcDonough, LK; Santos, IR; Andersen, MS; O'Carroll, DM; Rutlidge, H; Meredith, KT; Oudone, PP; Bridgeman, J; Gooddy, DC; Sorensen, JPR; Lapworth, DJ; MacDonald, AM; Ward, J; Baker, AA
Jul-2018Investigating optimal cutting configurations for the contour method of weld residual stress measurementMuránsky, O; Hosseinzadeh, F; Hamelin, CJ; Traore, Y; Bendeich, PJ
1-Mar-2020How water isotopes (18O, 2H, 3H) within an island freshwater lens respond to changes in rainfallBryan, E; Meredith, KT; Baker, AA; Andersen, MS; Post, VEA; Treble, PC
25-May-2020Water uptake of riparian plants in the lower Lhasa River Basin, South Tibetan Plateau using stable water isotopesRao, WB; Chen, X; Meredith, KT; Tan, HB; Gao, M; Liu, JT
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3445