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Title: Effect of molecular weight on the mechanical and electrical properties of block copolymer electrolytes.
Authors: Singh, M
Odusanya, O
Wilmes, GM
Eitouni, HB
Gomez, ED
Patel, AJ
Chen, VL
Park, MJ
Fragouli, P
Latrou, H
Hadjichristidis, N
Cookson, DJ
Balsara, NP
Keywords: Lithium
Grain boundaries
Ionic conductivity
Solid state physics
Issue Date: 26-Jun-2007
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Singh, M., Odusanya, O., Wilmes, G. M., Eitouni, H. B., Gomez, E. D., Patel, A. J., Chen, V. L., Park, M. J., Fragouli, P., Latrou, H., Hadjichristidis, N., Cookson, D. J., & Balsara, N. P. (2007). Effect of molecular weight on the mechanical and electrical properties of block copolymer electrolytes. Macromolecules, 40(13), 4578-4585. doi:10.1021/ma0629541
Abstract: The relationship between ionic conductivity, morphology, and rheological properties of polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene oxide) copolymers (SEO) doped with a lithium salt, Li[N(SO2CF3)(2)], is elucidated. We focus on lamellar samples with poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) volume fractions, phi, ranging from 0.38 to 0.55, and PEO block molecular weights, M-PEO, ranging from 16 to 98 kg/mol. The low-frequency storage modulus (G') at 90 degrees C increases with increasing M-PEO from about 4 x 10(5) to 5 x 10(7) Pa. Surprisingly, the conductivity of the SEO/salt mixtures with the molar ratio of Li to ethylene oxide moieties of 0.02 sigma, also increases with increasing M-PEO, from 6.2 x 10(-5) to 3.6 x 10(-4) S/cm at 90 degrees C. We compare sigma with the conductivity of pure PEO/salt mixtures, sigma(PEO), and find that sigma/[phi sigma(PEO)] of our highest molecular weight sample is close to 0.67, the theoretical upper limit for transport through randomly oriented lamellar grains. © 2007, American Chemical Society
Gov't Doc #: 1203
ISSN: 0024-9297
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