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Title: Nuclear science and technology benefiting all Australians
Authors: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Keywords: ANSTO
Air pollution
Nuclear medicine
Age hardening
Synthetic rocks
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2015
Publisher: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Citation: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. (2015). Nuclear science and technology benefiting all Australians. Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Abstract: Nuclear science and technology already play an important role in our daily lives, with widespread applications throughout medicine, industry and the environment. While there has already been much progress, the potential of nuclear science and technology remains vast. By enabling scientists to discover how things work from the inside out, we learn how things work at the most fundamental level. Researchers are using nuclear facilities and techniques to help find cures for cancer and other diseases, make breakthroughs in clean energy production, create new materials, gain new understandings about the environment, and invent products to create brand new industries.
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