Radiation consultancy, training and calibration

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
The ANSTO Radiation Services team offers advice, training, instrument calibration and consultancy services to ensure the safe, effective use and management of radiation in all industry sectors including mining, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, universities, research and other fields where radiation is present. The radiation experts at ANSTO provide services and tailored advice to ensure the safety of your employees, the community and the environment, as well as providing assurance that your practices align with relevant national and international regulations and standards. ANSTO operates the Open Pool Australian Lightwater (OPAL) reactor, Australia’s only nuclear research reactor. We offer a range of services including: • consulting in radiation protection monitoring and health physics • radiation training courses • radiation instrument calibration • radioactive source inventories • emergency preparedness and response • systems safety and reliability consulting
ANSTO, Australia, Radiochemistry, Engineers, Radioactive materials, Radioactivity, Training
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. (2016). Radiation consultancy, training and calibration. Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.