Fifty years

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
2003 is a significant milestone for ANSTO and the Australian research and development community, as it is the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Atomic Energy Act, 1953. One of the activities ANSTO has undertaken this year is to produce its 50th Anniversary Booklet, which celebrates its past, present and future. Since its inception, ANSTO’s work has gone through a tremendous evolution. The one constant, however, has been its commitment to maximising the benefits from its facilities and know how for Australia’s and the world’s sustainability, health and economic development. ANSTO is a crucial part of Australia’s science and innovation infrastructure, as its facilities provide essential capabilities to industry, research and development bodies and a range of educational institutions. ANSTO’s research focus and collaborative relationships – with educational bodies and other publicly-funded research organisations – will continue to identify ways in which the lives of all Australians can be enhanced. The recent launch of the Bragg Institute was another great milestone for ANSTO. A tribute to the father and son team of William and Lawrence Bragg, the Institute is at the forefront of research and development in neutron scattering and the use of x-rays. The replacement research reactor, a state-of-the-art facility, will keep Australia virtually self-sufficient in nuclear medicines and enable the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic substances. It will also allow ANSTO to expand its commercial capability and further contribute to the economic development of Australia in areas such as biotechnology, sustainability, engineering, materials, nanoscience and environmental science, as well as contributing to history and archaeology. An objective of ANSTO is to turn good science into good business for its clients, global partners and stakeholders. With this in mind, processes have been put in place to fast track some commercial ventures. Given the enthusiastic workforce and the investment in facilities, ANSTO will underpin socioeconomic development in Australia for many years to come.
ANSTO, OPAL Reactor, Public information, Atomic Energy Act, Nuclear energy, Historical aspects
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. (2003). Fifty years.Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.