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Title: Burnout data from annuli cooled by upflow of FREON-12.
Authors: Ilic, V
Keywords: Burnout
Critical heat flux
Flow rate
Pressure drop
Issue Date: Nov-1974
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: Ilic, V. (1974). Burnout data from annuli cooled by upflow of FREON-1 (AAEC/E323). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Abstract: Burnout and pressure drop data are presented for a series of 29 annuli cooled by upflow of Freon-12 at an inlet pressure of 1.04 MPa with internal, external and combined internal and external heating. The test sections had a uniform axial heat flux distribution, except for one internally heated test section which had a chopped cosine axial heat flux profile (form factor = 1.4) The test sections covered a range of annulus goemetries; heated lengths range from 457 mm to 4,277 mm; hydraulic and internal tube diameter ranges are 1.55 mm to 8 mm and 8 mm to 19 mm respectively. The mass velocity range is 0.7 to 4 Mg m-2s-1, and inlet subcooling values range up to 26 kJ kg-1.
Gov't Doc #: 536
ISBN: 0642996601
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