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Title: ECHIDNA - getting OPAL’s high resolution powder diffractometer into operation
Authors: Liss, KD
Hunter, BA
Hagen, ME
Noakes, TJ
Keywords: Diffraction
OPAL Reactor
Neutron beams
Neutron flux
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2006
Publisher: Australian Institute of Physics
Citation: Liss, K.-D., Hunter, B., Hagen, M., & Noakes, T. (2006). ECHIDNA - getting OPAL’s high resolution powder diffractometer into operation. Poster presented at the Australian Institute of Physics 17th National Congress 2006, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Australia, Sunday 3 - Friday 8 December 2006. Retrieved from:
Abstract: A new powder diffractometer aiming for high angular and thus high reciprocal space resolution is being constructed within the Neutron Beam Instrumentation Project at the upcoming Australian Neutron Source OPAL near Sydney. The expected neutron flux at the sample can be expected more than 107 n/s. With an array of 128 position sensitive detectors, each equipped with a 30 cm high Söller collimator of 5 arc min acceptance this instrument will range below the highest performances of its kind. In addition to classical applications in powder diffraction, the quasi two-dimensional detector will be used for rapid texture measurements where high separation of peaks is necessary. Even single crystal reciprocal space mapping will be envisaged [1]. The poster compiles an overview of the installation and commissioning of the new instrument. Neutrons are planned to be available from August 2006 and first experimental data be available for the conference. [1] K.-D. Liss, B. Hunter, M. Hagen, T. Noakes, S. Kennedy: "ECHIDNA - The new high-resolution powder diffractometer being built at OPAL", Physica B, accepted (2006)
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