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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2019Meteorites of the Nullarbor Plain; recent recovery and classification effortsStephen, NR; Brand, HEA; Tomkins, AG
19-Mar-2019Meteorites on the Nullarbor Plain, insights from synchrotron powder diffractionBrand, HEA; Langendam, AD; Whitworth, AJ; Alkemade, SL; Mitchell, JT; Davis, A; Stephen, NR; Tomkins, AG
7-Feb-2014Exploring Jupiter's icy moons with old techniques and big facilities - new insights on sulfuric acid hydrateMaynard-Casely, HE; Avdeev, M; Wallwork, KS; Brand, HEA
24-Aug-2017What you see and what you get: combining near-infrared spectroscopy with powder diffractionMaynard-Casely, HE; Booth, N; Anderberg, L; Brand, HEA; Cotton, DV
29-Oct-2017Unique capabilities and methods for analysing nuclear waste form materials using ANSTO’s landmark infrastructureMurphy, GL; Kennedy, BJ; Brand, HEA; Maynard-Casely, HE; Avdeev, M; Zhang, Z
13-Dec-2013Exploring Jupiter's icy moons with old techniques and big facilities-new insights on sulfuric acid hydratesMaynard-Casely, HE; Avdeev, M; Brand, HEA; Wallwork, KS
24-Mar-2016Shining a light on planetary processes using synchrotron powder diffractionBrand, HEA; Kimpton, JA; Gu, QF
3-Dec-2017Improving hydrophobicity of MOFs using aliphatic linkersMacreadie, LK; Brand, HEA; Hill, MR
3-Dec-2017The unusual structural chemistry of uranium: controlling phase transformations in ternary uranium oxidesMurphy, GL; Wang, CH; Beridze, G; Zhang, Z; Avdeev, M; Kowalski, PM; Brand, HEA; Johannessen, B; Kennedy, BJ
14-Mar-2018Isoconversional kinetic modeling and in-situ synchrotron powder diffraction analysis for dehydroxylation of antigoriteZahid, S; Oskierski, HC; Senanayake, G; Altarawneh, M; Xia, F; Brand, HEA; Oluwoye, I; Dlugogorski, BZ