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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2010Upgrade of the neutron guide system at the OPAL neutron sourceRodriguez, DM; Kennedy, SJ; Klose, F
4-Sep-2015Neutron scattering at the OPAL research reactorMcIntyre, GJ; Holden, PJ
22-Aug-2011Recent developments at the ECHIDNA high-resolution neutron powder diffractometerAvdeev, M; Hester, JR
3-Dec-2017Taking our raw data to the next levelHester, JR; Hall, S
29-Nov-2016SPATZ: The second time-of-flight neutron reflectometer at the OPAL Research ReactorLe Brun, AP; Pullen, SA; Constantine, P; Spedding, J; Roach, D; McGregor, A; Affleck, J; Christoforidis, J; Trapp, M; Steitz, R
2-Feb-2012Pelican: an inelastic neutron scattering spectrometer with polarization analysisMole, RA; Yu, DH
2-Feb-2010The world of Wombat: a review of high speed neutron diffraction at the OPAL research reactorStuder, AJ
30-Jan-2018Recent upgrades to ANSTO’s thermal neutron spectrometer, TAIPANRule, KC; Darmann, F; Oste, T; Olsen, SR; Bartlett, D; Franceschini, F; Berry, A; McGregor, A; Ogrin, A; Ersez, T; Kafes, A; Pangelis, S; Danilkin, SA; Stampfl, APJ
31-Jan-2018Spin dynamics of quasi-one-dimensional spin-ladder system SrCa13Cu24O41 in the long-range magnetic ordering stateDeng, G; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Yano, SI; Wang, CW; Rule, KC; Gardner, JS; Luo, H; Li, S; Ulrich, C; Imperia, P; Ren, W; Cao, S; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K; Kenzelmann, M; McIntyre, GJ
29-Nov-2016WOMBAT – High Intensity powder diffractometer at OPALStuder, AJ; Peterson, VK; Maynard-Casely, HE; Hester, JR; Wang, C