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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Nov-2016Inelastic neutron scattering of YbMn2Si2 – magnetic interplay of Mn and Yb sitesMole, RA; Yu, DH; Hofmann, M; Wang, JL; Campbell, SJ
31-Jan-2017PELICAN: cold-neutron time-of-flight spectrometer at the Australian Centre for Neutron ScatteringIles, GN; Mole, RA; Yu, DH
3-Feb-2017Hydrogen bond dynamics, conformational flexibility and polymorphism in antipsychoticsPereira, JEM; Eckert, J; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Bordallo, HN
29-Nov-2016Rigid unit modes dynamics in the molecular sieve material AlPO4-5Cortie, DL; McBride, BR; Mole, RA; Withers, RL; Yu, DH; McIntyre, GJ; Liu, Y
31-Jan-2018Spin dynamics of quasi-one-dimensional spin-ladder system SrCa13Cu24O41 in the long-range magnetic ordering stateDeng, G; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Yano, SI; Wang, CW; Rule, KC; Gardner, JS; Luo, H; Li, S; Ulrich, C; Imperia, P; Ren, W; Cao, S; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K; Kenzelmann, M; McIntyre, GJ
12-Jul-2017Performance test on neutron polarization analysis capability of PELICAN –time of flight cold neutron spectrometerD'Adam, TM; Lee, WT; Mole, RA; Yu, DH
2-Feb-2012Pelican: an inelastic neutron scattering spectrometer with polarization analysisMole, RA; Yu, DH
29-Nov-2016Temperature effects in lattice dynamics of SnSeDanilkin, SA; Yu, DH; Deng, G; Pomjakushina, E; Liu, H; Kearley, GJ
7-Nov-2012X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of flux and hydrothermally grown nonlinear optical material KBe2BO3F2Sang, YH; Yu, DH; Avdeev, M; Piltz, RO; Sharma, N; Wang, JY
4-Feb-2004A polarised neutron study of crystal field transitions in CeCu6Harker, SJ; Hicks, TJ; Goossens, DJ; Mulders, AM; Fied, Y; Yu, DH; Kennedy, SJ