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Title: Microstructural evolution of an ion irradiated Ni–Mo–Cr–Fe alloy at elevated temperatures
Authors: de los Reyes, M
Edwards, L
Kirk, MA
Bhattacharyya, D
Lu, KT
Lumpkin, GR
Keywords: Nickel alloys
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Publisher: Materials Transactions
Citation: De Los Reyes, M., Edwards, L., Kirk, M. A., Bhattacharyya, D., Lu, K. T., & Lumpkin, G. R. (2014). Microstructural evolution of an ion irradiated Ni-Mo-Cr-Fe alloy at elevated temperatures. Materials Transactions, 55(3), 428-433. doi:10.2320/matertrans.MD201311
Abstract: The irradiation behavior of a Ni–Mo–Cr–Fe alloy, of the type currently being considered for use in future molten salt cooled reactors, has been investigated in situ using 1 MeV Kr ions at temperatures of 723 and 973 K. When irradiated to 5 dpa, experimental observations reveal the instantaneous formation and annihilation of point defect clusters, with such processes attributed to the long range elastic interactions that occur between defects through multiple intra-cascade overlap. Corresponding differences in the defect cluster density and size distribution suggest that changes to the microstructure were dependent upon temperature and dose, affecting the growth, accumulation and mobility of irradiation-induced defect clusters under these conditions. © 2014,The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials.
Gov't Doc #: 6789
ISSN: 1347-5320
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