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Title: Comparison of calculations made with three time-dependent neutron codes TDA, MORSE and POW
Authors: McGregor, BJ
Harrington, BV
Keywords: Comparative evaluations
M codes
Computer calculations
P codes
Neutron flux
Issue Date: Dec-1974
Publisher: Australian Atomic Energy Commission
Citation: McGregor, B., & Harrington, B. (1974). Comparison of calculations made with three time-dependent neutron codes TDA, MORSE and POW. (AAEC/E336). Lucas Heights, NSW: Australian Atomic Energy Commission.
Abstract: Three computer codes were compared to determine their usefulness in analysing a pulsed neutron experiment. The codes were a Monte Carlo code (MORSE) a diffusion kinetics code (POW) and a time dependent SN code (TDA). A series of test problems were devised to progressively model the experiment. All problems assumed a spherical system with an isotropic source. The first problem had its source in the first energy group for the first nanosecond. The second problem had its source distributed in time but not distributed in energy. The third problem had a source distributed in energy and time. POW and MORSE were shown to be in good agreement, with significant differences occurring only at times when the system did not correspond with the approximations made in POW. The AAEC version of the TDA code did not handle a time-dependent source. There was also a tendency for the results beyond 50 ns to be higher than those for the other two codes for the problems having a source constant over one time interval.
Gov't Doc #: 551
ISBN: 0642996598
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