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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1974The Alligator Rivers area fact finding study: four AAEC reportsConway, NF; Davy, DR; Giles, MS; Newton, PJF; Pollard, DA
Dec-1974Environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment Lucas Heights - results for 1973.Davy, DR; Dudaitis, A
May-1978Three baseline studies in the environment of the uranium deposit at Yeelirrie, Western Australia. Paper I, the distribution of some naturally occurring elements in the environment of theYeelirrie Uranium Deposit, Western Australia. Paper II, groundwater quality in the general area of the Yeelirrie Uranium Deposit. Paper III. environmental level of radon-222 and its daughtersBrownscombe, AJ; Davy, DR; Giles, MS; Williams, AR
Nov-1972Effects on the surrounding population of postulated major accidents at the AAEC Research EstablishmentButton, JCE; Carruthers, E; Cook, JE; Crancher, DW; Davy, DR
Apr-1973Proceedings of the AAEC symposium on environmental and radiological safety aspects of the mining and processing of uranium, Lucas Heights, 9-10 December 1971.Warner, RK; Watson, GM; Davy, DR; Hardy, CJ; Button, JCE; Cook, JE; Conway, NF
Nov-1978Radon survey at the Koongarra uranium deposit, Northern TerritoryDavy, DR; Dudaitis, A; O'Brien, BG
Apr-1976Environmental survey at the AAEC research establishment, Lucas Heights - results for 1974.Davy, DR; Dudaitis, A
Sep-1975Rum Jungle environmental studiesDavy, DR
Oct-1978Predictions for radon sources and some related concentrations for the Koongarra Uranium Development, Northern TerritoryDavy, DR