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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2013T-c enhancement by aliovalent anionic substitution in superconducting BaTi2(Sb1-xSnx)2ONakano, K; Yajima, T; Takeiri, F; Green, MA; Hester, JR; Kobayashi, Y; Kageyama, H
Jun-1971Tables of correction factors for use in the peak/background ratio method of x-ray spectrochemical analysisChampion, KP; Whittem, RN
Feb-1971Tables of gamma rays from (η,γ) produced nuclidesGreig, RA; Porritt, REJ; Bone, SJ
Jul-1979Tables relating to texture in materials with cubic crystal symmetryBall, CJ
Mar-1962A tabulated function associated with doppler broadening for non-uniform spatial temperature distributionsReichel, A
1-Jan-2013Tailoring exchange bias through chemical order in epitaxial FePt3 filmsSaerbeck, T; Zhu, HL; Lott, D; Lee, H; LeClair, PR; Mankey, GJ; Stampfl, APJ; Klose, F
2014Tailoring the coercivity in ferromagnetic ZnO thin films by 3d and 4f elements codopingLee, JJ; Xing, GZ; Yi, JB; Chen, TK; Ionescu, M; Li, S
25-Apr-2013Tailoring the piezoelectric and relaxor properties of (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3 via zirconium dopingGlaum, J; Simons, H; Acosta, M; Hoffman, M
5-Dec-2006The TAIPAN thermal triple-axis spectrometer at the OPAL reactorDanilkin, SA; Horton, G; Moore, R; Hagen, ME
4-Feb-2004TAIPAN – a spectrometer for inelastic neutron scattering at the replacement research reactorHagen, ME; Horton, G; Moore, R; Braoudakis, G; Cussen, LD
3-Dec-2017Taking our raw data to the next levelHester, JR; Hall, S
7-Jun-2011Tandem “click” reactions at acetylene-terminated Si(100) monolayersCiampi, S; James, M; Michaels, P; Gooding, JJ
Nov-2009Taphonomic bias and time-averaging in tropical molluscan death assemblages: differential shelf half-lives in Great Barrier Reef sedimentsKosnik, MA; Hua, Q; Kaufman, DS; Wust, RA
6-Sep-2021The taphonomic clock in fish otolithsAgiadi, K; Azzarone, M; Hua, Q; Kaufman, DS; Thivaiou, D; Albano, PG
1-Nov-2013Targeted detection of phosphatidylserine in biomimetic membranes and in vitro cell systems using annexin V-containing cubosomesShen, HH; Lake, V; Le Brun, AP; James, M; Duff, AP; Peng, Y; McLean, KM; Hartley, PG
21-Sep-2015Teasaponin improves leptin sensitivity in the prefrontal cortex of obese miceYu, YH; Wu, YZ; Szabo, A; Wang, S; Yu, SJ; Wang, Q; Huang, XF
1-Sep-2013Teasaponin reduces inflammation and central leptin resistance in diet-induced obese male miceYu, YH; Wu, YZ; Wu, ZX; Wang, HQ; Li, D; Huang, XF
1-Oct-2013Technetium and ruthenium incorporation into rutile TiO2Kuo, EY; Qin, MJ; Thorogood, GJ; Whittle, KR; Lumpkin, GR; Middleburgh, SC
Apr-1983Technetium-99 levels in pertechnetate solutions from (n,y) and (n,f) molybdenum-99 generatorsMoore, PW
Oct-1971Technetium-99m generators prepared from fission produced Molybdenum-99: quality control and performance aspectsBoyd, RE; Hetherington, ELR; Wood, NR