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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2015Safely managing Australia's radioactive wasteAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
9-Dec-2015Safely managing Australia's radioactive wasteAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
1-Aug-2013Safety interlock and vent system to alleviate potentially dangerous ice blockage of top-loading cryostat sample sticksPangelis, S; Olsen, SR; Scherschligt, J; Leao, JB; Pullen, SA; Dender, D; Hester, JR; Imperia, P
1-Jan-2013Salt deposition and brine evolution in the Granada Basin (Late Tortonian, SE Spain)García-Veigas, J; Cendón, DI; Rosell, L; Orti, F; Torres Ruiz, J; Martín, JM; Sanz, E
2-Feb-2012Sample environments updates at the Bragg InstituteImperia, P
Oct-2000Sample processing for earth science studies at ANTARESChild, DP; Elliott, G; Mifsud, C; Smith, AM; Fink, D
17-Nov-2021Sample processing improvements for actinide analysis in low level samplesChild, DP; Chisari, R; Hotchkis, MAC; Amatya Joshi, A
1-Mar-2020Samurai’s swords, a non-invasive investigation by neutron techniquesSalvemini, F; Luzin, V; Avdeev, M; Tremsin, AS; Sokolova, AV; Gregg, AWT; Wensrich, CM; Gatenby, S; Kim, MJ; Grazzi, F
Oct-2001A SANS study of the adsorption of guar gum on talc surfacesCram, SL; Knott, RB; Hanley, HJM
29-Apr-2007Sarar technology for the application of Copper-64 in biology and materials scienceSmith, SV
2-Oct-2018Satellite-based land-use regression for continental-scale long-term ambient PM2.5 exposure assessment in AustraliaKnibbs, LD; van Donkelaar, A; Martin, RV; Bechle, MJ; Brauer, M; Cohen, DD; Cowie, CT; Dirgawati, M; Guo, YM; Hanigan, IV; Johnston, FH; Marks, GB; Marshall, JD; Pereira, G; Jalalundin, B; Heyworth, JS; Morgan, GG; Barnett, AG
6-May-2021Sc1.5Al0.5W3O12 exhibits zero thermal expansion between 4 and 1400 KLiu, JN; Maynard-Casely, HE; Brand, HEA; Sharma, N
29-Apr-2021The Sc2WxMo3−xO12 series as electrodes in alkali-ion batteriesLiu, JN; Johannessen, B; Brand, HEA; Andersen, HL; Sharma, N
20-Apr-2013Scanning force microscopy of 129Iodine surface impact structures in muscovite, zircon and apatite as proxies for damage of simulated fission fragments in solidsKohlmann, F; Kohn, BP; Gleadow, AJM; Siegele, R
7-Apr-2011Scatter correction for large non-human primate brain imaging using microPETNaidoo-Variawa, S; Lehnert, W; Banati, RB; Meikle, SR
1-Dec-1993The science and engineering of HIFAR safetyConnolly, JW; Clancy, BE; Beattie, DRH; Robinson, GS; Godfrey, RM; Harrington, BV
Jun-2009Science education and school toursAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
1-Oct-2014The science of the Kelly gang's armour: distilling fact from fictionThorogood, GJ
8-Aug-2017The scientific basis for future management options of the Little Forest legacy siteGriffiths, H
12-Jun-2019Scientific drilling of sediments at Darwin Crater, TasmaniaLisé-Pronovost, A; Fletcher, MS; Mallett, T; Mariani, M; Lewis, RJ; Gadd, PS; Herries, AIR; Blaauw, M; Heijnis, H; Hodgson, DA; Pedro, JB