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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2000RadCon: a radiological consequences model: technical guide - version 2.0Crawford, J; Domel, RU; Harris, FF; Twining, JR
May-1967Radial heat transfer at the wall in packed bedsChan, BKC; Lawther, KR
Apr-1980The radiation chemistry of aqueous sodium terephthalate solutionsMatthews, RW
12-Feb-2016Radiation consultancy, training and calibrationAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
4-Feb-2009Radiation damage in anatase and rutile with impuritiesBertinshaw, J; Aughterson, RD; Thorogood, GJ; Short, KT; Whittle, KR
24-May-2009Radiation damage in materials - effects of disorderWhittle, KR; Blackford, MG; Lumpkin, GR; Smith, KL; Zaluzec, NJ
Mar-1973The radiation dose incurred from the administration of 'SKELTEC'Hetherington, ELR
1-Jul-2012Radiation dosimetry of the translocator protein ligands [18F]PBR111 and [18F]PBR102Verschuer, JD; Towson, J; Eberl, S; Katsifis, A; Henderson, D; Lam, P; Wen, LF; Loc'h, C; Mattner, F; Thomson, S; Mohamed, A; Fulham, MJ
1-Jul-2003Radiation effects in solids designed for the immobilisation of high level nuclear wasteVance, ER
Apr-2015Radiation effects on microstructure and hardness of a titanium aluminide alloy irradiated by helium ions at room and elevated temperaturesWei, T; Zhu, HL; Ionescu, M; Dayal, P; Davis, J; Carr, DG; Harrison, RP; Edwards, L
Oct-1966Radiation field characteristics and irradiation techniques for gamma irradiation facilities using spent fuel elements from the reactor HIFARO'Leary, BM
1-Apr-2015Radiation hardness of n-type SiC Schottky barrier diodes irradiated with MeV He ion microbeamPastuovic, Z; Capan, I; Cohen, DD; Forneris, J; Iwamoto, N; Ohshima, T; Siegele, R; Hoshino, N; Tsuchida, H
7-Jul-2014Radiation hardness of n-type SiC Schottky diodesPastuovic, Z; Vittone, E; Siegele, R; Ohshima, T; Iwamoto, N; Forneris, J; Cohen, DD; Capan, I
1-Jan-2013Radiation hardness of single crystal CVD diamond detector tested with MeV energy ionsZamboni, I; Pastuovic, Z; Jakšić, M
Sep-1975Radiation hazards of uranium mining and millingFry, RM
7-Sep-1995Radiation monitoring handbook for visits by nuclear powered warships to Australian portsWoods, DA
Aug-2005Radiation monitoring handbook for visits by nuclear powered warships to Australian portsHolland, B
1-Jan-2015Radiation protection and regulation for environmental radiotracer studiesHughes, CE; Brisset, P
Aug-2009Radiation safety servicesAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
3-Dec-2017Radiation safety training at the Open Pool Australian Lightwater (OPAL) multipurpose reactorBus, J