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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Fabrication and characterisation of diluted magnetic semiconductors thin films using ion beamsIonescu, M; Photongkam, P; Siegele, R; Deslandes, A; Li, S; Cohen, DD
2-Apr-2012Fabrication and properties of recycled cellulose fibre-reinforced epoxy compositesLow, IM; Somers, J; Kho, HS; Davies, IJ; Latella, BA
1-Oct-2016Fabrication and testing of U–7Mo monolithic plate fuel with Zircaloy claddingPasqualini, EE; Robinson, AB; Porter, DL; Wachs, DM; Finlay, MR
Jan-1966Fabrication of beryllia-coated, fuelled beryllia spheres for in-pile fission product release testsReeve, KD; Clare, TE; Silver, JM; Bridgford, KC
Sep-1975Fabrication of equipment from monel and other materials for corrosive service in the production of fluorine.Royston, D; Chrimes, NWD
Aug-1967Fabrication of U233/aluminium fuel plates for a sub-critical assembly - a second reportBardsley, J; Ridal, A
7-Apr-2009Fabrication, structural characterization and testing of a nanostructured tin oxide gas sensorPartridge, JG; Field, MR; Sadek, AZ; Kalantar-zadeh, K; Du Plessis, J; Taylor, MB; Atanacio, AJ; Prince, KE; McCulloch, DG
1-Mar-2012Facile preparation of free-standing carbon nanotube arrays produced using two-step floating-ferrocene chemical vapor depositionYang, XS; Yuan, LX; Peterson, VK; Minett, AI; Yin, YB; Harris, AT
2021Facing the challenges of food fraud in the global food systemSammut, J; Gopi, K; Saintilan, N; Mazumder, D
27-Nov-2014Factors affecting carbon-14 activity of unsaturated zone CO2 and implications for groundwater datingWood, C; Cook, PG; Harrington, GA; Meredith, KT; Kipfer, R
11-Jul-2017Factors affecting dissolved organic carbon in coastal groundwater systemsMcDonough, LK; O'Carroll, DM; Andersen, MS; Meredith, KT; Rutlidge, H; Oudone, PP; Marjo, CE; Baker, AA
Apr-1980Factors affecting lung capacity in male employees at the AAEC Research Establishment.Mace, P
3-Sep-2019Factors contributing to the iso-elemental fingerprinting of giant tiger prawns (Penaeus monodon)Gopi, K; Mazumder, D; Sammut, J; Saintilan, N; Crawford, J; Gadd, PS
1-Feb-2016Factors controlling stable isotope composition of precipitation in arid conditions: an observation network in the Tianshan Mountains, central AsiaWang, SJ; Zhang, MJ; Hughes, CE; Zhu, XF; Dong, L; Ren, ZG; Chen, FL
Nov-1979The failure of circumferentially flawed stainless steel tubes under bending stressesKelly, PM; Zybenko, B
10-Jul-2015Fallout plutonium and uranium isotope ratio signatures using accelerator mass spectrometry for environmental chronometry in eastern AustraliaChild, DP; Knight, J; Hotchkis, MAC
11-Oct-2009FASEA: a FPGA acquisition system and software event analysis for liquid scintillation counting.Steele, T; Mo, L; Bignell, LJ; Smith, M; Alexiev, D
Oct-1972Fast fission ratio measurements in multi-rod clusters.Rose, A; Jain, HM; Menezes, PF
Mar-1961Fast neutron flux and spectrum measurements in HIFARNicholson, KP; Quealy, WR
Oct-1961Fast neutron flux and spectrum measurements in HIFAR - first supplement - average fission spectrum cross section for Ni58(n.p)Co58Boldeman, JW; Nicholson, KP