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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2012Residual stresses in high strengths steel tubes for large scale infrastructureKhan, M; Mashiri, FR; Paradowska, AM; Uy, B; Tao, Z
23-Sep-2013Residual stresses in rail-ends from the in-service insulated rail joints using neutron diffractionLuzin, V; Rathod, C; Wexler, D; Boyd, P; Dhanasekar, M
3-Jul-2016Residual stresses in selective laser melted components of different geometriesReid, M; Sercombe, T; Paradowska, AM; Li, X
2-Dec-2013Residual stresses in titanium aerospace components formed via additive manufactureHoye, N; Li, H; Cuiuri, D; Paradowska, AM
Apr-2020Residual stresses in welded high-strength steel I-BeamsLe, T; Paradowska, AM; Bradford, MA; Liu, XP; Valipour, HR
24-Dec-2019Residual stresses of box and I-shaped columns fabricated from S960 ultra-high-strength steelLi, DX; Paradowska, AM; Uy, B; Wang, J; Khan, M
1-Sep-2015Residue radiocarbon AMS dating review and preliminary sampling protocol suggestionsYates, AB; Smith, AM; Bertuch, F
Feb-1977Resolution unfolding with limits imposed by statistical experimental errorsLang, DW
Oct-2010Resolving the holocene alluvial record in southeastern Australia using luminescence and radiocarbon techniques.Cheetham, MD; Keene, AF; Erskine, WD; Bush, RT; Fitzsimmons, KE; Jacobsen, GE; Fallon, SJ
Jun-1977Resonance neutron capture in the isotopes of titanium.Allen, BJ; Boldeman, JW; Musgrove, ARD; Macklin, RL
May-1969Resonance parameters for measured keV neutron capture cross sectionsMusgrove, ARD
Feb-2008Resonant soft x-ray powder diffraction study to determine the orbital ordering in a-site-ordered SmBaMn2O6García-Fernández, M; Staub, U; Bodenthin, Y; Lawrence, SM; Mulders, AM; Buckley, CE; Weyeneth, S; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K
Apr-1967Response functions of a germanium-sodium iodide detector systemAllen, BJ; Bird, JR; Engstrom, S
Feb-1966Response matrices in the double pN approximation of neutron transport theoryThompson, JJ
1-Sep-2015Response of thin-skinned sandwich panels to contact loading with flat-ended cylindrical punches: experiments, numerical simulations and neutron diffraction measurementsSaleh, M; Luzin, V; Toppler, K; Kabir, K
Nov-1970Restoration of lithium driftability in some vacuum-grown germanium crystals for gamma-ray detectorsTavendale, AJ
Dec-1979Results of 1978 environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment, Lucas HeightsHespe, ED
Jun-1984Results of pipe bend analysis part X: stress distributions in flanged pipe elbows from an axial forceWhatham, JF
Nov-1982Results of pipe bend analysis, Part I: end effect decay constantsWhatham, JF
Nov-1982Results of pipe bend analysis, Part II: stress distributions from bending flanged pipe elbowsWhatham, JF