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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1986An introduction to Pascal programming for numerical computers.Barry, JM
Mar-1982A magnetic tape analysis and copying program, AECOPY, modified for IBM360/370 computers.Backstrom, RP
Aug-1986MED-records: an add database of AAEC medical records since 1966.Barry, JM; Pollard, JP; Tucker, AD
Oct-1967Neutron time-of-flight spectrometry for a chopper with vanes leakage.Rocke, FA
Sep-1983Neutronic models for the HIFAR reactor.Harrington, BV
Aug-1968Physical instrumentation of the reactor HIFAR.Hicks, R
Jan-1991Preparation of source mounts for 4π countingJohnson, EP
Jun-1982Progress report for Materials Division, 1 July 1981 - 30 June 1982Kelly, PM
Oct-1966Radiation field characteristics and irradiation techniques for gamma irradiation facilities using spent fuel elements from the reactor HIFARO'Leary, BM
May-1970Reactor HIFAR - the control arm circuitsSinclair, WJ
Jul-1969Reactor HIFAR - the safety rod systemHopkinson, JB
Jan-1968Reactor HIFAR - the shutdown heavy water pump circuits (S2)Page, G
Apr-1975Reactor HIFAR - the space conditioner system.Hopkinson, JB
Oct-1967Reactor HIFAR - the trip and warning alarm circuitsPage, G
Nov-1967Reactor HIFAR - the warning circuitsPage, G
Oct-1967Reactor HIFAR the control reversal circuitsPage, G
Jan-1968Reactor HIFAR the main heavy water pump circuits (S1)Page, G
Jul-1979A reactor physics survey of water moderated, uranium-aluminium plate fuelled research reactors for a range of uranium enrichmentRobinson, GS
Jul-1980Remote terminal access to AAEC computer network facilitiesSanger, PL
Jun-1986Report of the working party on conversion of HIFAR to low enrichment uranium fuel-