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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1984The case for a national medical cyclotron.Smith, R; Hardy, CJ; Boyd, RE
Jun-1985Computer network access to the PYRAMID 90X computer at Lucas Heights.Sanger, PL
Jan-1972Computer to computer communication at the research establishment.Richardson, DJ
Dec-1972Computer to computer communication at the research establishment.Richardson, DJ
Apr-1987A data transmission system for the centrifuge enrichment plant safeguards project.Hesse, EW
Jan-1984Dating, mass spectrometry and nuclear science: a proposed new facility at Lucas Heights.Bird, JR; Airey, PL; Boldeman, JW; Cohen, DD; Duerden, P
Jan-1973Design of irradiation experiments for materials testing reactors.McAneny, RS
Jan-1968The determination of fission product levels in HIFAR heavy water.Palmer, AR; Porritt, REJ
Oct-1970Determination of zinc-65 in Lucas Heights effluent.Isaacs, SR
Feb-1968A direct reading spectrometer for the determination of beryllium in site liquid effluent.Dale, LS
Nov-1972Effects on the surrounding population of postulated major accidents at the AAEC Research EstablishmentButton, JCE; Carruthers, E; Cook, JE; Crancher, DW; Davy, DR
Feb-1978Effluent management practices at the AAEC Research Establishment.Khoe, GH
Feb-1967Emission spectrochemical analysis of impurities in plutonium dioxide.Dale, LS; Hurst, HJ
Jan-1974Environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment, Lucas Heights - results for 1972.Dudaitis, A
May-1973Environmental survey at the AAEC Research Establishment, Lucas Heights: results for period August 1970 - December 1971.Dudaitis, A
Apr-1963First ten years: 1953-1963.Baxter, Sir P.
Jan-1968IBM 360 version of the neutron diffusion code CRAM.McGregor, BJ; Richards, AG; Wood, RGJ
May-1986An introduction to Pascal programming for numerical computers.Barry, JM
Mar-1982A magnetic tape analysis and copying program, AECOPY, modified for IBM360/370 computers.Backstrom, RP
Aug-1986MED-records: an add database of AAEC medical records since 1966.Barry, JM; Pollard, JP; Tucker, AD