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Jun-1958Relative holdup of heat exchanges for circulating fuel systems.Sodium; Berglin, CLW
Jun-1958Determination of traces of oxygen in sodium metal by infrared spectrophotometry: Part Bruin, HJ; Smythe, LE
Jul-1958Potentiometric method for the determination of sodium ions by means of a glass electrode with a sodium function. Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk S.S.S.R. 1957 (11), 1367Goremykin, VE; Kryukov, P
Jul-1958Studies of small particle suspensions for L.M.F.R. Part IV concentration gradients in flowing suspensionsCairns, RC; Lawther, KR
Jul-1958New ion exchange method for the determination of uranium in phosphate rocks, coal ashes, bauxites etcKorkisch, J; Farag, A; Hecht, F
Aug-1958New ion exchange method for enrichment of uranium and the determination of uranium in solid samplesKorkisch, J; Farag, A; Hecht, F
Aug-1958Work with alkali metals.Pugachevich, PP
Aug-1958Two group theory for exploratory HTGC reactor calculationThompson, JJ
Aug-1958A note on thermo-elastic stress in axially symmetric anisotropic cylinders.Thompson, JJ
Sep-1958The use of a radioactive tracer (iodine-131) in the investigation of a power station cooling pond at Maitland, N.S.W.Ellis, WR; Fookes, RA; Gardner, ME; Gregory, JN; Kirkwood, JB; Lamb, GN; Watt, JS
Sep-1958Studies of small particle suspensions for L.M.F.R. Part VI concentration profiles across a bend and vertical pipeCairns, RC; Lawther, KR
Sep-1958Studies of small particle suspensions for L.M.F.R. Part V. the effects of concentration, pipe diameter and solid density on the horizontal settling velocityCairns, RC; Turner, KS
Sep-1958Diluents for the solvent extraction of thorium using tributyl phosphate: general consideration and the third phase problem.Farrell, MS; Goldrick, JD
Oct-1958Some major design parameters for the H.T.G.C. reactor projectRoberts, WH
Oct-1958A rapid routine method for the determination of sub-microgram and microgram amounts of beryllium in filter paperFlorence, TM
Oct-1958Labelling sewerage sludge with iodine 131.Ellis, WR; Gardner, ME
Nov-1958Development of a ten stage mixer settler for U235 solutions, Part 1Baillie, MG; Cairns, RC
1959Separating small particles from liquids with hydro-cyclone, Part I - conclusions and recommendations arising from literature searchCairns, RC; Thurstan, EG; Turner, KS
Feb-1959Production of high specific activity cobalt-60 in HIFARWatt, JS
Mar-1959Graphite fuel studies, Part 2: fine grinding of artificial graphiteMay, JR; Warner, RK