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Feb-1956Escape of fission products from slurry particles.Hickman, BS
Jun-1956Behaviour of particles of U, UO2, and UC2 in a vertical tube through which liquid sodium is flowing.Berglin, CLW
Jun-1956Suggestions for work on design of heat exchangers in liquid metal fueled reactors.Liquid metal cooled reactors; Berglin, CLW
Nov-1956Note on the response of a circulating fuel reactor to random fluctuation in fuel concentration.Thompson, JJ
Nov-1956Preliminary kinetic study of a sodium-beryllium-uranium circulating fuel reactor.Thompson, JJ
Feb-1957Growth of beryllium under irradiation.Alder, KF
Feb-1957Preliminary design of annular tube heat exchangers for circulating fuel systems.Berglin, CLW
May-1957Particle size analysis of tungsten metal powder.De Bruin, HJ; Cairns, RC
Aug-1957Studies of small particle suspensions for LMFR, Part I: fluid flow with suspensions simulating the U-Na systems.Cairns, RC; Turner, KS
Oct-1957Discharge coefficients for the No.1. sodium loop venturi meter.Cairns, RC
Dec-1957Some design data for gamma shielding in N.S.W.Ebeling, DR
Jan-1958H.T.G.C. fuel and moderator material irradiation programme.Hickman, BS
Feb-1958Thorium-apans complex: a spectrophotometric study.Palmer, AR
Feb-1958Studies of small particle suspensions for LMFR, Part III: correlation of horizontal settling velocities.Cairns, RC
Feb-1958Studies of small particle suspensions for LMFR, Part II: fluid flow with suspensions simulating the UBe 13-Na system.Cairns, RC; Turner, KS
Feb-1958Estimation of traces of nickel in sodium metal.Florence, TM
Mar-1958Constant current source for automatic coulometric titrations.Palmer, AR; Pryor, AW
Mar-1958Detection of traces of oxygen in gases: methylene blue method.Davis, PS
May-1958Calculations of thermal stresses in HIFAR reactor shell structure.Ebeling, DR; Holt, ND
Jun-1958Determination of traces of oxygen in sodium metal by infrared spectrophotometry: Part Bruin, HJ; Smythe, LE