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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Assessment of interface capturing methods in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes - a case studyYeoh, GH; Barber, T
17-Aug-2010A bubble mechanistic model for subcooled boiling flow predictionsYeoh, GH; Tu, JY
1-Oct-2009Computational techniques for multiphase flowsYeoh, GH; Tu, JY
Dec-2010Experimental and computational studies of compartment fire behavior training scenarios.Mackay, D; Barber, T; Yeoh, GH
1-Dec-2010Experimental and numerical study on the hemodynamics of stenosed carotid bifurcation.Cheung, SCP; Wong, KKL; Yeoh, GH; Yang, W; Tu, JY; Beare, R; Thanh, P
1-Mar-2011Gas-liquid flows in medium and large vertical pipes.Duan, XY; Cheung, SCP; Yeoh, GH; Tu, JY; Krepper, E; Lucas, D
24-Mar-2003Local prediction of subcooled boiling flow in an annular channel with the influence of bubble coalescence and break-up mechanismsYeoh, GH; Tu, JY; Li, YZ
1-Jun-2010Modelling horizontal gas-liquid flow using averaged bubble number density approachLi, C; Yeoh, GH; Cheung, SCP; Tu, JY
27-Nov-2017Multifunctional rubber based composites for marine applications: A reviewFu, Y; Yeoh, GH; Wang, C; Peng, ZX
19-Jun-2021Numerical investigation of expandable graphite suppression on metal-based fireCordeiro, IMDC; Liu, HR; Yuen, ACY; Chen, TBY; Li, A; Cao, RF; Yeoh, GH
1-Jun-2009Review of population balance modelling for isothermal bubbly flowsCheung, SCP; Yeoh, GH; Tu, JY
1-May-2021Simulation of competitive and cooperative egress movements on the crowd emergency evacuationCao, RF; Lee, EWM; Yuen, ACY; Chen, TBY; Cordeiro, IMDC; Shi, M; Wei, X; Yeoh, GH
5-Jul-2021Study of structure morphology and layer thickness of Ti3C2 MXene with small-angle neutron scattering (SANS)Yuen, ACY; Chen, TBY; Lin, B; Yang, W; Kabir, II; Cordeiro, IMDC; Whitten, AE; Mata, JP; Yu, B; Lu, HD; Yeoh, GH
24-Mar-2003Utilisation of computational fluid dynamics techniques for design of molybdenum target specificationYeoh, GH; Wassink, D