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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2022Annealing-induced strengthening and stabilization in ultrafine-grained Al and Al–Mg alloys prepared by rapid powder consolidationZhou, DS; Bu, YF; Muránsky, O; Geng, HW; Sun, BH; Yang, C; Zhang, DL
1-Oct-2018Corrosion performance of Ni-16%wt.Mo-X%wt.SiC alloys in FLiNaK molten saltYang, C; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Karatchevtseva, I; Holmes, R; Avdeev, M; Jia, YY; Huang, HF; Zhou, XT
12-Feb-2016The effect of grain size and dislocation density on the tensile properties of Ni-SiCNP composites during annealingYang, C; Huang, HF; Thorogood, GJ; Jiang, L; Ye, XX; Li, ZJ; Zhou, XT
6-Apr-2017The effect of milling time on the microstructural characteristics and strengthening mechanisms of NiMo-SiC alloys prepared via powder metallurgyYang, C; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Thorogood, GJ; Avdeev, M; Huang, HF; Zhou, XT
Dec-2015Helium ion irradiation behavior of Ni-1wt.%SiCNP composite and the effect of ion fluxZhou, XL; Huang, HF; Xie, R; Thorogood, GJ; Yang, C; Li, ZJ; Xu, HJ
Jun-2022Impact of pre-existing crystal lattice defects on the accumulation of irradiation-induced damage in a C/C compositeWang, ZY; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Wei, T; Zhang, Z; Ionescu, M; Yang, C; Davis, J; Hu, G; Monroe, P; Windes, W
15-Mar-2020Investigating bulk mechanical properties on a micro-scale: micro-tensile testing of ultrafine grained Ni–SiC composite to determine its fracture mechanism and strain rate sensitivityXu, A; Yang, C; Thorogood, GJ; Bhattacharyya, D
27-Nov-2017On development of NiMo-SiC alloys via powder metallurgy for the use in molten salt environmentYang, C; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Avdeev, M; Huang, HF; Huai, P; Zhou, XT
5-Jan-2017On the origin of strengthening mechanisms in Ni-Mo alloys prepared via powder metallurgyYang, C; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Thorogood, GJ; Huang, HF; Zhou, XT
1-Apr-2014Synthesis, structure and conductivity of BaIn0.8Mn0.2O3 − δYang, C; Shu, T; Zhang, H; Dong, J; Zhiwen, S; Xiong, C; Sihai, Y; Guobao, L; Liao, F; Lin, J