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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2008Cardiac myosin-binding protein C decorates F-actin: implications for cardiac functionWhitten, AE; Jeffries, CM; Harris, SP; Trewhella, J
18-Jul-2008Evolution of quaternary structure in a homotetrameric enzymeGriffin, MDW; Dobson, RCJ; Pearce, FG; Antonio, L; Whitten, AE; Liew, K; Mackay, JP; Trewhella, J; Jameson, GB; Perugini, MA; Gerrard, JA
12-Feb-2009Hydration processes in tricalcium silicate: application of the boundary nucleation model to quasielastic neutron scattering data.Peterson, VK; Whitten, AE
15-Feb-2008Ligand-induced conformational changes and conformational dynamics in the solution structure of the lactose repressor proteinTaraban, M; Zhan, HL; Whitten, AE; Langley, DB; Matthews, KS; Swint-Kruse, L; Trewhella, J
9-Nov-2007Ligand-induced conformational changes via flexible linkers in the amino-terminal region of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor.Chan, J; Whitten, AE; Jeffries, CM; Bosanac, I; Mal, TK; Ito, J; Porumb, H; Michikawa, T; Mikoshiba, K; Trewhella, J; Ikura, M
29-Nov-2016Low resolution structural studies of Munc18c complexed with a Syntaxin-4/T4- Lysozyme FusionWhitten, AE; Rehman, AU; Hu, SH; Tnimov, Z; Christie, MP; King, GJ; Jarrott, RJ; Norwood, S; Alexandrov, K; Collins, BM; Martin, JL
19-Jun-2012Low-resolution solution structures of Munc18:Syntaxin protein complexes indicate an open binding mode driven by the Syntaxin N-peptideChristie, MP; Whitten, AE; King, GJ; Hu, SH; Jarrott, RJ; Chen, KE; Duff, AP; Callow, P; Collins, BM; James, DE; Martin, JL
12-Jul-2017Microstructural evolution of dental glass-ionomer cements during setting reaction followed using SANS and USANSLoy, CW; Matori, KA; Zainuddin, N; Whitten, AE; Rehm, C; de Campo, L; Schmid, S
Feb-2008MULCh: modules for the analysis of small-angle neutron contrast variation data from biomolecular assemblies.Whitten, AE; Ca, SZ; Trewhella, J
7-Jan-2011Novel structure of an antikinase and its inhibitorJacques, DA; Langley, DB; Hynson, RMG; Whitten, AE; Kwan, AH; Guss, JM; Trewhella, J
4-Apr-2008Small-angle x-ray scattering reveals the N-terminal domain organization of cardiac myosin binding protein CJeffries, CM; Whitten, AE; Harris, SP; Trewhella, J
1-Dec-2014SNARE-ing the structures of Sec1/Munc18 proteinsArchbold, JK; Whitten, AE; Hu, SH; Collins, BM; Martin, JL
18-Dec-2009Solution structure of ectodomains of the insulin receptor family: the ectodomain of the type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor displays asymmetry of ligand binding accompanied by limited conformational changeWhitten, AE; Smith, BJ; Menting, JG; Margetts, MB; McKern, NM; Lovrecz, GO; Adams, TE; Richards, K; Bentley, JD; Trewhella, J; Ward, CW; Lawrence, MC
25-Jul-2012Solution structure of the LIM-homeodomain transcription factor complex Lhx3/Ldb1 and the effects of a pituitary mutation on key Lhx3 interactionsBhati, M; Lee, C; Gadd, MS; Jeffries, CM; Kwan, AH; Whitten, AE; Trewhella, J; Mackay, JP; Matthews, JM
27-Apr-2007Structure of the KinA-Sda complex suggests an allosteric mechanism of histidine kinase inhibitionWhitten, AE; Jacques, DA; Hammouda, B; Hanley, TL; King, GF; Guss, JM; Trewhella, J; Langley, DB
5-Jul-2021Study of structure morphology and layer thickness of Ti3C2 MXene with small-angle neutron scattering (SANS)Yuen, ACY; Chen, TBY; Lin, B; Yang, W; Kabir, II; Cordeiro, IMDC; Whitten, AE; Mata, JP; Yu, B; Lu, HD; Yeoh, GH
Jun-2007Synaptic arrangement of the neuroligin/β-neurexin complex revealed by x-ray and neutron scatteringComoletti, D; Grishaev, A; Whitten, AE; Tsignelny, I; Taylor, P; Trewhella, J
12-Jul-2017The Time-of-Flight SANS Instrument BILBY at ANSTO: design, commissioning and first resultsSokolova, AV; Whitten, AE; de Campo, L
29-Nov-2016The Time-of-Flight SANS Instrument BILBY: design, construction, commissioning and first resultsSokolova, AV; Whitten, AE; de Campo, L
8-Apr-2022Variation of antigen 43 self-association modulates bacterial compacting within aggregates and biofilmVo, JL; Martínez Ortiz, GC; Totsika, M; Lo, AW; Hancock, SJ; Whitten, AE; Hor, L; Peters, KM; Ageorges, V; Caccia, N; Desvaux, M; Schembri, MA; Paxman, JJ; Heras, B