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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2011Applications of time-resolved laser fluorescence spectroscopy to the environmental eiogeochemistry of actinidesCollins, RN; Saito, T; Aoyagi, N; Payne, TE; Kimura, T; Waite, TD
20-Sep-2009Assessment of radionuclide movement at an Australian legacy radioactive waste sitePayne, TE; Cendón, DI; Collins, RN; Hankin, SI; Harrison, JJ; Hughes, CE; Johansen, MP; Twining, JR; Waite, TD
2001Characterisation of natural substrates with regard to application of surface complexation modelsWaite, TD; Fenton, BR; Payne, TE; Lumpkin, GR; Davis, JA; McBeath, M
15-Feb-2011Effect of amorphous Fe(III) oxide transformation on the Fe(II)-mediated reduction of U(VI).Boland, DD; Collins, RN; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
1-Oct-2011Ferric iron geometry and coordination during hydrolysis and ferrihydrite precipitationCollins, RN; Rose, AL; Glover, CJ; Boland, DD; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
Dec-1990Final report for AWRAC project 85/05 on iron and maganese removal from water suppliesWaite, TD
1-Mar-2010Influence of calcium and silica on hydraulic properties of sodium montmorillonite assemblages under alkaline conditionsKinsela, AS; Tjitradjaja, A; Collins, RN; Waite, TD; Payne, TE; Macdonald, BCT; White, I
5-Oct-2016Influence of dissolved silicate on rates of Fe(II) oxidationKinsela, AS; Jones, AM; Bligh, MW; Pham, AN; Collins, RN; Harrison, JJ; Wilsher, KL; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
17-Jun-2010Inhibitory effect of silicate on the Fe(II)-catalysed sequestration of U by Fe(III) oxidesBoland, DD; Collins, RN; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
18-Jun-2010Is there a link between Fe(III) oxide reactivity, Fe(II)-catalysed crystallisation and U(VI) reduction?Collins, RN; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
15-Jan-2016Isotopically exchangeable A1 in coastal lowland acid sulfate soilsYvanes-Giuliani, YAM; Fink, D; Rose, J; Waite, TD; Collins, RN
1-Oct-2011Kinetics of coupled Fe(II)-catalysed ferrihydrite transformation and U(VI) reductionBoland, DD; Collins, RN; Glover, CJ; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
1-Sep-2010Ligand effects on uranyl sorption - key processes and modelsPayne, TE; Comarmond, MJ; Collins, RN; Waite, TD
28-Oct-2020Manipulation of planar oxygen defect arrangements in multifunctional magnèli titanium oxide hybrid systems: from energy conversion to water treatmentLiu, YC; Yang, J; Liu, Y; Zheng, J; Lee, W; Shi, JJ; Horlyck, J; Xie, JZ; Tay, YY; Tan, TT; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; McIntyre, GJ; Zhang, CY; Toe, CY; Waite, TD; Scott, J; Wang, Y; Wu, T; Han, SH; Li, S
1-Aug-1999Preferential association of adsorbed uranium with mineral surfaces: a study using analytical electron microscopyLumpkin, GR; Payne, TE; Fenton, BR; Waite, TD
19-Aug-2014Reduction of U (VI) by Fe (II) during the Fe (II) - accelerated transformation of ferrihydriteBoland, DD; Collins, RN; Glover, CJ; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
19-Sep-1991Removal of water impurities by hydrous oxidesAmal, R; Raper, JA; Waite, TD
17-Aug-2017Response of microbial community function to fluctuating geochemical conditions within a legacy radioactive waste trench environmentVázquez-Campos, X; Kinsela, AS; Bligh, MW; Harrison, JJ; Payne, TE; Waite, TD
15-Aug-2014Solution speciation of plutonium and americium at an Australian legacy radioactive waste disposal siteIkeda-Ohno, A; Harrison, JJ; Thiruvoth, S; Wilsher, KL; Wong, HKY; Johansen, MP; Waite, TD; Payne, TE
Feb-2011Speciation and transport of arsenic in an acid sulfate soil-dominated catchment, eastern AustraliaKinsela, AS; Collins, RN; Waite, TD