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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2008131I discharges to the marine environment and uptake by algae in Sydney, AustraliaVeliscek-Carolan, J; Hughes, CE; Hoffmann, EL; Loosz, T
1-Apr-2018Ceramic conversion and densification of zirconium phosphonate sorbent materialsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Thorogood, GJ; Gregg, DJ; Tansu, M; Hanley, TL
24-Nov-2008Dose assessment for marine biota and humans from discharge of 131I to the marine environment and uptake by algae in Sydney, Australia.Veliscek-Carolan, J; Hughes, CE; Hoffmann, EL
12-Jun-2015Effective Am(III)/Eu(III) separations using 2,6-bis(1,2,4-triazin-3-yl)pyridine (BTP) functionalised titania particles and hierarchically porous beadsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Jolliffe, KA; Hanley, TL
11-Mar-2015Effects of precursor solution aging and other parameters on synthesis of ordered mesoporous titania powdersVeliscek-Carolan, J; Knott, RB; Hanley, TL
3-Aug-2016The impact of structural variation in simple lanthanide binding peptidesVeliscek-Carolan, J; Hanley, TL; Jolliffe, KA
1-Apr-2020Nanoporous zirconium phosphonate materials with enhanced chemical and thermal stability for sorbent applicationsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Rawal, A; Oldfield, DT; Thorogood, GJ; Bedford, NM
2016New materials for selective separations at the back end of the nuclear fuel cycleVeliscek-Carolan, J
1-Nov-2012Selective sorption of actinides by titania nanoparticles covalently functionalized with simple organic ligandsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Jolliffe, KA; Hanley, TL
15-Nov-2016Separation of actinides from spent nuclear fuel: a review.Veliscek-Carolan, J
29-May-2014Zirconium organophosphonates as high capacity, selective lanthanide sorbentsVeliscek-Carolan, J; Hanley, TL; Luca, V