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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-2022A 1000-year isotope-based record of climate variability inferred from the sediments of Lake Yukidori, East AntarcticaToben, L; Rudd, R; Jacobsen, GE; Tyler, JJ
13-Apr-2018Changes in hydrology and carbon cycling following Late Holocene deforestation in a New Zealand lake catchmentWoodward, CA; Hua, Q; Tyler, JJ; Meredith, KT; Moss, PT; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A
1-Jul-2014Climate variability in south-eastern Australia over the last 1500 years inferred from the high-resolution diatom records of two crater lakesBarr, C; Tibby, J; Gell, PA; Tyler, JJ; Zawadzki, A; Jacobsen, GE
13-Dec-2022Clumped isotope analysis of Central Australian carbonates: a potential palaeoclimate proxy for Australia’s arid interiorNixon, F; Tyler, JJ; Priestley, SC; Cohen, TJ; Klaebe, RM; Crossey, LJ; Karlstrom, KE; Polak, VJ; Asmerom, Y; Love, AJ; Hua, Q; Wade, B; Pollard, T; Drysdale, R; Hall, PA
6-Dec-2022Clumped isotope analysis of central Australian carbonates: a potential palaeoclimate proxy for Australia’s arid interiorNixon, F; Tyler, JJ; Priestley, SC; Cohen, TJ; Klaebe, RM; Crossey, LJ; Karlstrom, KE; Polyak, VJ; Asmerom, Y; Love, A; Hua, Q; Wade, B; Pollard, T; Drysdale, RN; Hall, PA
15-Sep-2018Coherent patterns of environmental change at multiple organic spring sites in northwest Australia: evidence of Indonesian-Australian summer monsoon variability over the last 14,500 yearsField, E; Tyler, JJ; Gadd, PS; Moss, PT; McGowan, HA; Marx, SK
1-Jan-2021Comparing interglacials in eastern Australia: a multi-proxy investigation of a new sedimentary recordForbes, MS; Cohen, TJ; Jacobs, Z; Marx, SK; Barber, E; Dodson, JR; Zamora, A; Cadd, H; Franke, A; Constantine, M; Mooney, SD; Short, J; Tibby, J; Parker, A; Cendón, DI; Peterson, MA; Tyler, JJ; Swallow, E; Haines, HA; Gadd, PS; Woodward, CA
6-Dec-2022A detailed study of Holocene climate variability in south-east Australia based on cellulose inferred lake water isotopes and monitoring and modelling approach at Lake Surprise, western Victoria.Dharmarathma, A; Tyler, JJ; Tibby, J; Barr, C; Cadd, H; Ankor, MJ; Jones, MD; Tadros, CV; Hua, Q; Child, DP; Zawadzki, A; Hotchkis, MAC; Gadd, PS; Klaeb, RM; Hall, T
Aug-2019Development of an autonomous, monthly and daily, rainfall sampler for isotope researchAnkor, MJ; Tyler, JJ; Hughes, CE
10-Dec-2018The evolution of Thirlmere lakes: a long-term sedimentary record of climate and fire dynamics in the Sydney BasinCohen, TJ; Marx, SK; Barber, E; Forbes, MS; Gadd, PS; Tyler, JJ; Haines, HA; Woodward, C; Zamora, A; Mooney, SD; Constantine, M
17-Nov-2021Holocene climate, fire and ecosystem change on Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaDuxbury, LC; Tyler, JJ; Armbrecht, L; Francke, A; Cadd, H; Law, Wb; Zawadzki, A; Child, DP; Gadd, PS; Jacobsen, GE; Tibby, J; Mitchell, K
7-Feb-2019Holocene El Niño–Southern Oscillation variability reflected in subtropical Australian precipitationBarr, C; Tibby, J; Leng, MJ; Tyler, JJ; Henderson, ACG; Overpeck, JT; Simpson, GL; Cole, JE; Phipps, SJ; Marshall, JC; McGregor, GB; Hua, Q; McRobie, FH
6-Dec-2022A Holocene subtropical hydroclimate reconstruction from Karboora (Blue Lake), Minjerribah, QueenslandMaxson, C; Tibby, J; Tyler, JJ; Marshall, J; McGregor, G; Schulz, C; Jacobsen, GE; Klaebe, RM
4-May-2020Holocene ‘megadroughts’ in south-eastern Australia: deciphering regional patterns from lake sediment archivesTyler, JJ; Barr, C; Tibby, J; Dhar, A; Andrew, C; Dean, C; Gadd, PS; Zawadzki, A; Child, DP; Jacobsen, GE
15-Jan-2021Impact of salinity and carbonate saturation on stable Sr isotopes (δ88/86Sr) in a lagoon-estuarine systemShao, YX; Farkaš, J; Mosely, LM; Tyler, JJ; Wong, HKY; Chamberlayne, BK; Raven, M; Samanta, M; Holmden, C; Gillanders, BG; Kolevica, A; Eisenhauer, A
8-Jul-2021Palaeohydrology of the southern Coorong Lagoon, inferred from oxygen isotope ratios of the bivalve Arthritica helmsiChamberlayne, BK; Tyler, JJ; Gillanders, BM; Jacobsen, GE; Tibby, J; Haynes, D