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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2009The adsorption of glycine on alumina: surface complexation and polymerisationMurison, JL; Asquith, NL; Stampfl, APJ; Pi, TW; Tang, YW; Lee, YC; Hwu, YK
6-Oct-2010Artificially modulated chemical order in thin films: a different approach to create ferro/antiferromagnetic interfacesSaerbeck, T; Klose, F; Lott, D; Mankey, GJ; Lu, Z; LeClair, PR; Schmidt, W; Stampfl, APJ; Danilkin, SA; Yethiraj, M; Schreyer, A
5-Feb-2009Bacterial nano-particle uptake under extreme white-beam irradiation conditionsWilde, KL; Asquith, NL; Graham, SM; Holden, PJ; Stampfl, APJ; Kempson, I; Yang, BW; Hwu, YK
31-Jan-2005Bio-molecule adsorption studied using micro-beam photoemission spectroscopyStampfl, APJ; Cheng, CH; Wang, SC; Huang, ML; Klauser, R
1-Oct-2012Central-atom size effects on the methyl torsions of group XIV tetratolylsNg, MCC; Harper, JB; Stampfl, APJ; Kearley, GJ; Rols, S; Stride, JA
30-Jan-2008Comparison between calculated and measured photoelectron diffraction patterns for Cu (001)Cousland, GP; Smith, AE; Riley, JD; Homolya, S; Stampfl, APJ; King-Lacroix, J
9-Jul-2021Data-processing technique for the Taipan “Be-filter” neutron spectrometer at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationIles, GN; Rule, KC; Peterson, VK; Stampfl, APJ; Elcombe, MM
17-Dec-2012Does local disorder occur in the pyrochlore zirconates?Blanchard, PER; Clements, R; Kennedy, BJ; Ling, CD; Reynolds, EM; Avdeev, M; Stampfl, APJ; Zhang, Z; Jang, LY
12-Jul-2017Elastic constants of oriented Ti3AlC2 and Ti3SiC2 obtained via coherent inelastic neutron scatteringKirstein, O; Gray, V; Stampfl, APJ; Kisi, EH
Nov-2014Electronic and vibrational properties of yttria-stabilised zirconia from first-principles for 10–40 mol% Y2O3Cousland, GP; Cui, XY; Ringer, SP; Smith, AE; Stampfl, APJ; Stampfl, CM
28-Jul-2008The electronic structure of S-layer proteins from Lactobacillus brevisGraham, SM; Asquith, NL; Wilde, KL; Short, KT; Holden, PJ; Stampfl, APJ; Holmes, AJ; Ruys, AJ; Stojanov, P; Riley, JD; Fang, LJ; Yang, YW; Hwu, YK
5-Feb-2009The fermi surface of Cu3Mn {100} and spinglass magnetismStampfl, APJ; Loh, NA; Hsieh, KY; Yu, DH; Brigden, P; Stojanov, P; Riley, JD; Stamps, RL; Yuh, JY; Pi, TW; Chang, J; Hwu, YK
1-Aug-2011The fluorite-pyrochlore transformation of Ho2-yNdyZr2O7Clements, R; Hester, JR; Kennedy, BJ; Ling, CD; Stampfl, APJ
7-Dec-2006High resolution synchrotron XPS study of L-cysteine and S-benzyl-L-cysteine on platinum: adhesion mechanisms and radiation damageWong, L; Yayebjee, M; Stampfl, APJ; Chen, CH; Wang, SC; Huang, ML; Klauser, R
30-Jan-2018In situ monochromator alignment on ANSTO’s thermal spectrometer, TAIPANSutton, C; Rule, KC; McIntyre, GJ; Danilkin, SA; Stampfl, APJ
12-Jan-2009Investigation of field-induced ferromagnetism in Pd-Ni-Fe-P metallic glass by x-ray magnetic circular dichroismYu, DH; Duriavig, J; Loh, NA; Woodward, RC; Lin, HJ; Chang, FH; Kilcoyne, SH; Stampfl, APJ; Robinson, RA
Mar-2014Investigation of the vibrational properties of cubic yttria-stabilized zirconia: a combined experimental and theoretical studyCousland, GP; Mole, RA; Elcombe, MM; Cui, XY; Smith, AE; Stampfl, CM; Stampfl, APJ
1-Nov-2009Low energy photoelectron diffraction analysis at high angular resolution of Cu and Mn/Cu surfacesCousland, GP; Smith, AE; Riley, JD; Stampfl, APJ
22-Oct-2012The magnetic structure of an epitaxial BiMn0.5Fe0.5O3 thin film on SrTiO3 (001) studied with neutron diffractionCortie, DL; Stampfl, APJ; Klose, F; Du, Y; Wang, XL; Zhao, HY; Kimura, H; Cheng, ZX
4-Feb-2009The magnetism of CrO2 under high pressureLoh, NA; King-Lacroix, J; Yu, DH; Robertson, R; Stampfl, APJ; Tseng, YC; Haskel, D