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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-1999Charge trapping and defect segregation in quartzStevens Kalceff, MA; Thorogood, GJ; Short, KT
15-Jan-2013Electron backscatter diffraction characterization of plasma immersion ion implantation effects in stainless steelDavis, J; Short, KT; Wuhrer, R; Phillips, MR; Lumpkin, GR; Whittle, KR
28-Jul-2008The electronic structure of S-layer proteins from Lactobacillus brevisGraham, SM; Asquith, NL; Wilde, KL; Short, KT; Holden, PJ; Stampfl, APJ; Holmes, AJ; Ruys, AJ; Stojanov, P; Riley, JD; Fang, LJ; Yang, YW; Hwu, YK
22-Jan-2007Enhanced adhesion of atomic layer deposited titania on polycarbonate substratesLatella, BA; Triani, G; Zhang, Z; Short, KT; Bartlett, JR; Ignat, M
1-Feb-2015High-temperature corrosion of helium ion-irradiated Ni-based alloy in fluoride molten saltZhu, HL; Holmes, R; Hanley, TL; Davis, J; Short, KT; Edwards, L
4-Feb-2002In situ electrochemical etching and examination by SPM of titanate ceramicsThorogood, GJ; Short, KT; Zhang, YJ
Jan-2009In situ micro-Raman analysis and x-ray diffraction of nickel silicide thin films on silicon.Bhaskaran, M; Sriram, S; Perova, TS; Ermakov, V; Thorogood, GJ; Short, KT; Holland, AS
8-Dec-2006The influence of fly ash morphology and phase distribution on collection in an electrostatic precipitatorMetcalfe, R; Connor, J; Druskovich, D; Blackford, MG; Short, KT
8-Jul-2000Investigation and modeling of electric field gradients by electric force microscopy (EFM)Thorogood, GJ; Short, KT; Stevens Kalceff, MA
1-Mar-2014Ion beam irradiation effects in strontium zirconium phosphate with NZP-structure typeGregg, DJ; Karatchevtseva, I; Thorogood, GJ; Davis, J; Bell, BDC; Jackson, M; Dayal, P; Ionescu, M; Triani, G; Short, KT; Lumpkin, GR; Vance, ER
1-Jul-2014Irradiation behaviour of α2 and γ phases in He ion implanted titanium aluminide alloyZhu, HL; Wei, T; Blackford, MG; Short, KT; Carr, DG; Harrison, RP; Edwards, L; Seo, DY; Maruyama, K
Feb-2009Microstructural and compositional analysis of strontium-doped lead zirconate titanate thin films on gold-coated silicon substratesSriram, S; Bhaskaran, M; Mitchell, DRG; Short, KT; Holland, AS; Mitchell, A
4-Feb-2005Modification of surface and barrier properties of polyethylene terepthalate and polycarbonate plastics by ion implantationDoolan, KR; Evans, PJ; Short, KT
30-Jun-2008New duplex process for corrosion protection by PI3.Short, KT; Zhang, Z; Finnie, KS; Collins, GA; Figueroa, CA
4-Feb-2009Radiation damage in anatase and rutile with impuritiesBertinshaw, J; Aughterson, RD; Thorogood, GJ; Short, KT; Whittle, KR
Nov-2016Relationship between damage and hardness profiles in ion irradiated SS316 using nanoindentation–experiments and modellingSaleh, M; Zaidi, Z; Hurt, C; Ionescu, M; Short, KT; Daniels, JE; Bhattacharyya, D; Munroe, P; Edwards, L
Sep-1983Search for an anomalous near-surface yield deficit in Rutherford backscattering spectra from implanted germanium and siliconLawson, EM; Williams, JS; Chivers, DJ; Short, KT; Appleton, BR
7-Feb-2012SEM and EBSD studies of ion implanted stainless steelDavis, J; Short, KT; Wuhrer, R; Phillips, MR; Lumpkin, GR; Whittle, KR
10-May-2015Studies of high dpa ion beam irradiation effects on fcc AA-6061 and fcc-bcc duplex steel 2205: micromechanical modelling and nano-indentation examination of hardness variationsSaleh, M; Munroe, P; Short, KT; Edwards, L
1-Mar-2014Theoretical and experimental Raman spectroscopic studies of synthetic thorutite (ThTi2O6)Zhang, YJ; Čejka, J; Karatchevtseva, I; Qin, MJ; Kong, L; Short, KT; Lumpkin, GR; Middleburgh, SC