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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2018Annexin V-containing cubosomes for targeted early detection of apoptosis in degenerative retinal tissueDing, Y; Chow, SH; Liu, GS; Wang, B; Lin, TW; Hsu, HY; Duff, AP; Le Brun, AP; Shen, HH
29-Nov-2016An in vitro model to investigate the interactions between antimicrobial peptides and the outer membrane of gram-negative pathogensHan, ML; Shen, HH; Zhu, Y; Le Brun, AP; Holt, SA; Roberts, K; Song, JN; Cooper, MA; Moskowitz, SM; Velkov, T; Li, J
21-Sep-2011The interaction of cubosomes with supported phospholipid bilayers using neutron reflectometry and QCM-DShen, HH; Hartley, PG; James, M; Nelson, A; Defendi, H; McLean, KM
28-Nov-2017Polymyxin-induced lipid A deacylation in pseudomonas aeruginosa perturbs polymyxin penetration and confers high-level resistanceHan, ML; Velkov, T; Zhu, Y; Roberts, KD; Le Brun, AP; Chow, SH; Gutu, AD; Moskowitz, SM; Shen, HH; Li, J
17-Jan-2022A polytherapy based approach to combat antimicrobial resistance using cubosomesLai, XF; Han, ML; Ding, Y; Chow, SH; Le Brun, AP; Wu, CM; Bergen, PJ; Jiang, JH; Hsu, HY; Muir, BW; White, J; Song, JN; Shen, HH
24-Oct-2014Reconstitution of a nanomachine driving the assembly of proteins into bacterial outer membranesShen, HH; Leyton, DL; Shiota, T; Belousoff, MJ; Noinaj, N; Lu, J; Holt, SA; Tan, K; Selkrig, J; Webb, CT; Buchanan, SK; Martin, LL; Lithgow, T
1-Nov-2013Targeted detection of phosphatidylserine in biomimetic membranes and in vitro cell systems using annexin V-containing cubosomesShen, HH; Lake, V; Le Brun, AP; James, M; Duff, AP; Peng, Y; McLean, KM; Hartley, PG
7-May-2012An x-ray and neutron reflectometry study of 'PEG-like' plasma polymer filmsMenzies, DJ; Nelson, A; Shen, HH; McLean, KM; Forsythe, JS; Gengenbach, TR; Fong, C; Muir, BW