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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1982AAEC computer network access to ACL-NOVA facilitiesSanger, PL
Jun-1974AAEC facilities to aid in the development of FORTRAN programsJohnson, SG; Sanger, PL
Apr-1972ACL:NOVA: a multi-user conversational interpreter for the NOVA computerSanger, PL
Jun-1985Computer network access to the PYRAMID 90X computer at Lucas HeightsSanger, PL
May-1974A directed-graph syntax analyser for the ACL-NOVA system.Sanger, PL; Hayes, IJ
Jun-1973IBM360 and NOVA software developed to allow plotter output to be displayed on the Tektronix T4002 graphical display terminalBackstrom, RP; Sanger, PL
Jun-1973IBM360 and NOVA software developed to give the NOVA computer access to the resources of the IBM360 computerSanger, PL; Backstrom, RP
Jan-1972Interactive computing. Reactor physics, mathematics and computers summer school, January 1972Sanger, PL
Jan-1974A mathematician's computer study of the reactor MOATABarry, JM; Clancy, BE; Gilbert, CP; McCulloch, DB; Pollard, JP; Sanger, PL
Sep-1970NOVASM and NOVASIM - an assembler and a simulator for the NOVA and SUPERNOVA computers written to run on an IBM 360 computerSanger, PL
Aug-1973Programming the nova computer for dataway communicationSanger, PL; Jones, CG; Ellis, PJ
Jul-1980Remote terminal access to AAEC computer network facilitiesSanger, PL
Aug-1970Special programs, (IPLTEXT and AEBOOTØ1) for the development and use of stand-alone programs for the IBM 360 computerSanger, PL
Apr-1977Terminal facilities provided by the DATERCOM systemSanger, PL