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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-20152nd Asia-Oceania Instrument Scientist Workshops, Manly, July 19, 2015Hester, JR; Holt, SA; Imperia, P; Piltz, RO; Rehm, C; Rule, KC; Mole, RA; McIntyre, GJ
19-Sep-2012Asymmetric thermal line shape broadening in a gapped 3D antiferromagnet: evidence for strong correlations at finite temperatureQuintero-Castro, DL; Lake, B; Islam, ATMN; Wheeler, EM; Balz, C; Mansson, M; Rule, KC; Gvasaliya, S; Zheludev, A
30-Jan-2018Chemical disorder in a frustrated J1/J2 quantum spin chain materialRule, KC; Mole, RA; Zanardo, J; Krause-Heuer, AM; Darwish, TA; Lerch, MLF
6-Feb-2015Commensurate to incommensurate magnetic phase transition in the type-II multiferroic YBaCuFeO5Lai, YC; Chen, WT; Wang, CW; Rule, KC; Chou, FC; Du, CH
12-Jul-2017Complex magnetic incommensurability in multiferroic Co3TeO6Lee, CH; Wang, CW; Zhao, Y; Li, WH; Lynn, JW; Harris, AB; Rule, KC; Yang, HD; Berger, H
29-Nov-2016Crystal growth and characterisation of a new J1-J2 spin-chain materialZanardo, J; Rule, KC; Krause-Heuer, AM; Mole, RA; Lerch, MLF
9-Jul-2021Data-processing technique for the Taipan “Be-filter” neutron spectrometer at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationIles, GN; Rule, KC; Peterson, VK; Stampfl, APJ; Elcombe, MM
7-Feb-2019Down the rabbit hole: a journey into the curiouser and curiouser world of low-dimensional, copper-oxide, quantum-magnetsRule, KC
5-Feb-2014The dynamics and critical properties of FePS3, an Ising-like twodimensional magnet on a honeycomb latticeWildes, A; Rule, KC; Lançon, D; Hicks, T
4-Feb-2003The elusive magnetic structure of FePS3Rule, KC; McIntyre, GJ; Kennedy, SJ; Hicks, TJ
1-Nov-2016Experimental observation and computational study of the spin-gap excitation in Ba3BiRu2O9Ling, CD; Huang, Z; Kennedy, BJ; Rols, S; Johnson, MR; Zbiri, M; Kimber, SAJ; Hudspeth, J; Adroja, DT; Rule, KC; Avdeev, M; Blanchard, PER
Apr-2021First extensive study of silver-doped lanthanum manganite nanoparticles for inducing selective chemotherapy and radio-toxicity enhancementKhochaiche, A; Westlake, M; O'Keefe, A; Engels, E; Vogel, S; Valceski, M; Li, N; Rule, KC; Horvat, J; Konstantinov, K; Rosenfeld, AB; Lerch, MLF; Corde, S; Tehei, M
29-Nov-2016The frustrated quantum spin chain, linarite, in high magnetic fieldsWillenberg, B; Nishimoto, S; Schaepers, M; Reehuis, M; Wolter, AUB; Drechsler, SL; Buechner, B; Studer, AJ; Rule, KC; Ouladdiaf, B; Suellow, S
21-Nov-2013Gains from the upgrade of the cold neutron triple-axis spectrometer FLEXX at the BER-II reactorLe, MD; Quintero-Castro, DL; Toft-Petersen, R; Groitl, F; Skoulatos, M; Rule, KC; Habicht, K
30-Jan-2018In situ monochromator alignment on ANSTO’s thermal spectrometer, TAIPANSutton, C; Rule, KC; McIntyre, GJ; Danilkin, SA; Stampfl, APJ
2-Feb-2021Inelastic neutron scattering as a means for determining the magnetic exchange interactions in the frustrated quantum spin chain, LinariteRule, KC; Willenberg, B; Mole, RA; Wolter-Giraud, A; Tennant, A; Ehlers, G; Studer, AJ; Gardner, J; Suellow, S
29-Nov-2016Investigations into the controllable change of Curie temperature in silver doped lanthanum manganite nanoparticlesWestlake, M; Lerch, MLF; Konstantinov, K; Rule, KC; Yu, DH; Pan, AV; Cardillo, D; Horvat, J; Tehei, M
29-Nov-2016Linear spin wave theory calculations for a powder sample: excitations in the distorted kagomé lattice Mn3(1,2,4-(O2C)3C6H3)2Mole, RA; Yu, DH; Rule, KC; Stride, JA; Wood, PT
11-Apr-2014Lineshape of the singlet-triplet excitations in the dimer system Sr 3 Cr 2 O 8 to first order in the high-density 1/z expansionJensen, J; Quintero-Castro, DL; Islam, ATMN; Rule, KC; Månsson, M; Lake, B
22-Feb-2012Low energy spin dynamics in the spin ice Ho2Sn2O7Ehlers, G; Huq, A; Diallo, SO; Adriano, C; Rule, KC; Cornelius, AL; Fouquet, P; Pagliuso, PG; Gardner, JS