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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2004The antiferromagnetic structure of BaPrO3Robinson, RA; Goossens, DJ; Telling, MF
Oct-2009Atomic understandingRobinson, RA
29-Apr-2016Evolution of the neutron-scattering capability on the OPAL reactor at ANSTOKlose, F; Constantine, P; Kennedy, SJ; Schulz, JC; Robinson, RA; Holden, PJ; McIntyre, GJ
Jun-2009HTS 5 tesla synchrotron and neutron beamline magnetsPooke, DM; Chamritski, V; Fee, M; Gibson, S; King, BT; Tallon, JL; Meissner, M; Feyerherm, R; Olsen, SR; Kennedy, SJ; Robinson, RA
12-Jan-2009Investigation of field-induced ferromagnetism in Pd-Ni-Fe-P metallic glass by x-ray magnetic circular dichroismYu, DH; Duriavig, J; Loh, NA; Woodward, RC; Lin, HJ; Chang, FH; Kilcoyne, SH; Stampfl, APJ; Robinson, RA
1-Jan-2014The neutron beam expansion program at the Bragg InstituteKlose, F; Constantine, P; Kennedy, SJ; Robinson, RA
15-Jul-2007Neutron depolarization studies of Pd-Ni-Fe-P alloyYu, DH; Fitzsimmons, MR; Gilbert, EP; Woodward, RC; Kilcoyne, SH; Robinson, RA
16-Mar-2008Novel cryogenic engineering solutions for the new Australian Research Reactor OPALOlsen, SR; Kennedy, SJ; Kim, S; Schulz, JC; Thiering, R; Gilbert, EP; Lu, W; James, M; Robinson, RA
3-Mar-2005Opportunties for scientific research at Australia's replacement research reactorRobinson, RA
1-Jan-2013Pelican - a time of flight cold neutron polarization analysis spectrometer at OPALYu, DH; Mole, RA; Noakes, TJ; Kennedy, SJ; Robinson, RA
1-Jun-2015Physics at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationRobinson, RA; Ionescu, M; Reinhard, MI
27-Feb-2001Proceedings of the international symposium on advanced utilization of research reactors - neutron sources and neutron beam devicesKawai, T; Robinson, RA; Kawaguchi, A
12-Sep-2005Scientific opportunities at OPAL, the Australian replacement research reactorRobinson, RA
6-Mar-2007Scientific opportunities at OPAL, the new Australian research reactorRobinson, RA
4-Dec-2006Scientific opportunities at OPAL, the new Australian research reactorRobinson, RA; Kennedy, SJ