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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Nov-20163d-electron Heisenberg pyrochlore Mn2Sb2O7Peets, DC; Sim, H; Avdeev, M; Park, JG
3-Oct-2014Competing exchange interactions on the verge of a metal-insulator transition in the two-dimensional spiral magnet Sr3Fe2O7Kim, JH; Jain, A; Reehuis, M; Khaliullin, G; Peets, DC; Ulrich, C; Park, JT; Faulhaber, E; Hoser, A; Walker, HC; Adroja, DT; Walters, AC; Inosov, DS; Maljuk, A; Keimer, B
21-Nov-2019Magnetic and electronic properties of single-crystalline BaCoSOSong, YH; Liu, XS; Wu, D; Yao, Q; Wen, CHP; Avdeev, M; Peng, R; Xu, HC; Miao, J; Lou, X; Fang, YF; Pan, BL; Wang, NL; Peets, DC; Feng, DG
10-Jun-2013Magnetic phase diagram of Sr3Fe2O7-deltaPeets, DC; Kim, JH; Dosanjh, P; Reehuis, M; Maljuk, A; Aliouane, N; Ulrich, C; Keimer, B
20-Jan-2017Magnetic transitions in the chiral armchair-kagome system Mn2Sb2O7Peets, DC; Sim, H; Choi, S; Avdeev, M; Lee, S; Kim, SJ; Kang, H; Ahn, D; Park, JG
6-Apr-2017Optimizing the preparation of monoclinic and pyrochlore Mn2Sb2O7Peets, DC; Sim, H; Avdeev, M
16-Oct-2018Physical properties of noncentrosymmetric tungsten and molybdenum aluminidesPeets, DC; Ying, TP; Shen, XP; Yu, YJ; Avdeev, M; Li, SY; Feng, DL
5-Apr-2017Properties of spin-1/2 triangular-lattice antiferromagnets CuY2Ge2O8 and CuLa2Ge2O8Cho, H; Kratochvílová, M; Sim, H; Choi, KY; Kim, CH; Paulsen, C; Avdeev, M; Peets, DC; Jo, Y; Lee, S; Noda, Y; Lawler, MJ; Park, JG
21-Mar-2017Publisher's Note: 3d-electron Heisenberg pyrochlore Mn2Sb2O7 [Phys. Rev. B 94, 174431 (2016)]Peets, DC; Sim, H; Avdeev, M; Park, JG