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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2021Accurate H-atom parameters for the two polymorphs of L-histi­dine at 5, 105 and 295 KNovelli, G; McMonagle, CJ; Kleemiss, F; Probert, MR; Puschmann, H; Grabowsky, S; Maynard-Casely, HE; McIntyre, GJ; Parsons, S
Jan-2016Accurate hydrogen parameters for the amino acid L-leucineBinns, J; Parsons, S; McIntyre, GJ
4-Feb-2020Carbon molecules in space: a thermal equation of state study of solid hexamethylenetetramineNovelli, G; McIntyre, GJ; Maynard-Casely, HE; Marshall, WG; Kamenev, KV; Parsons, S
4-Feb-2016Development of high-pressure single-crystal neutron diffraction on the Laue diffractometer, KOALA, at OPALBinns, J; McIntyre, GJ; Kamenev, KV; Moggach, S; Parsons, S
6-Nov-2020Effect of high pressure on the crystal structures of polymorphs of l-histidineNovelli, G; Maynard-Casely, HE; McIntyre, GJ; Warren, MR; Parsons, S
29-Nov-2016High-pressure single-crystal neutron diffractionMcIntyre, GJ; Binns, J; Parsons, S
3-Feb-2017High-pressure single-crystal neutron diffractionMcIntyre, GJ; Binns, J; Parsons, S
3-Sep-2019Investigating carbon molecules with pressure-volume-temperature equations of stateNovelli, G; McIntyre, GJ; Maynard-Caseley, HE; Funnell, NP; Marshall, WG; Kamenev, KV; Parsons, S
Mar-2008[Mn-6] under pressure: a combined crystallographic and magnetic studyPrescimone, A; Milios, CJ; Moggach, S; Warren, JE; Lennie, AR; Sanchez-Benitez, J; Kamenev, KV; Bircher, R; Murrie, M; Parsons, S; Brechin, EK
1-Jan-2016Neutron and high-pressure X-ray diffraction study of hydrogen-bonded ferroelectric rubidium hydrogen sulfateBinns, J; McIntyre, GJ; Parsons, S
13-May-2016A non-topological mechanism for negative linear compressibilityBinns, J; Kamenev, KV; Marriott, KER; McIntyre, GJ; Moggach, SA; Murrie, M; Parsons, S
Jan-2017Phase transition sequences in tetra­methyl­ammonium tetra­chloro­metallates by x-ray diffraction and spectroscopic measurementsBinns, J; McIntyre, GJ; Barreda-Argüeso, JA; González, J; Aguado, F; Rodríguez, F; Valiente, R; Parsons, S
4-Feb-2014Structural studies of phase transitions in hybrid organic-inorganic salts with temperature and pressureBinns, J; Parsons, S; Moggach, S; Valiente, R; McIntyre, GJ; Kamenev, KV
Jan-2017Towards joint high-pressure x-ray and neutron single-crystal diffractionMcIntyre, GJ; Binns, J; Kamenev, KV; Moggach, S; Parsons, S
Jan-2022Use of a miniature diamond-anvil cell in a joint x-ray and neutron high-pressure study on copper sulfate pentahydrateNovelli, G; Kamenev, KV; Maynard-Casely, HE; Parsons, S; McIntyre, GJ
May-2016Use of a miniature diamond-anvil cell in high-pressure single-crystal neutron Laue diffractionBinns, J; Kamenev, KV; McIntyre, GJ; Moggach, SA; Parsons, S