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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1973Compilation of S and P wave neutron strength function dataMusgrove, ARD
Nov-1970Interpolative formulae for average nuclear level spacing and total radiation widthMusgrove, ARD
Mar-1974Investigation of the energetics of binary and ternary fission in 252Cf and 236U*Musgrove, ARD
Nov-1970keV neutron capture in zincAllen, BJ; Musgrove, ARD
Jan-1975keV neutron capture in zirconium-91Allen, BJ; Musgrove, ARD; Macklin, RL
Dec-1974keV neutron resonance capture in barium-135Musgrove, ARD; Allen, BJ; Macklin, RL
Oct-1966A method of correction for unresolved levels in fissile nucleiMusgrove, ARD
Jan-1977Neutron capture by the chromium isotopesKenny, MJ; Allen, BJ; Musgrove, ARD; Macklin, RL; Halperin, J
Aug-1977Neutron resonance parameters of zirconium 96 below 100 keVMusgrove, ARD; Good, WM; Harvey, JA
Jan-1977Non-statistical effects in the radioactive capture cross sections of the neodymium isotopesMusgrove, ARD; Allen, BJ; Boldeman, JW; Macklin, RL
Mar-1971Prompt neutrons from 236U fission fragmentsBoldeman, JW; Musgrove, ARD; Walsh, RL
Jun-1977Resonance neutron capture in the isotopes of titaniumAllen, BJ; Boldeman, JW; Musgrove, ARD; Macklin, RL
May-1969Resonance parameters for measured keV neutron capture cross sectionsMusgrove, ARD
Jun-1971Trajectory calculations for light-particles emitted in spontaneous ternary fissionMusgrove, ARD
Feb-1977Valence neutron capture in iron 54FeAllen, BJ; Musgrove, ARD; Boldeman, JW; Macklin, RL