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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2020Advanced nuclear reactor materials research in Australia: high temperature properties, radiation effects and corrosion behaviourMuránsky, O; Edwards, L
26-Jan-2022Annealing-induced strengthening and stabilization in ultrafine-grained Al and Al–Mg alloys prepared by rapid powder consolidationZhou, DS; Bu, YF; Muránsky, O; Geng, HW; Sun, BH; Yang, C; Zhang, DL
10-Nov-2009Combined in situ neutron diffraction and acoustic emission of twin nucleation & twin growth in extruded ZM20 Mg alloyMuránsky, O; Barnett, MR; Carr, DG; Vogel, SC; Oliver, EC
1-May-2012Comprehensive numerical analysis of a three-pass bead-in-slot weld and its critical validation using neutron and synchrotron diffraction residual stress measurementsMuránsky, O; Smith, MC; Bendeich, PJ; Holden, TM; Luzin, V; Martins, RV; Edwards, L
Mar-2019Computational model development for additive manufacturing (AM) based laser cladding structural repairs of high strength metallic aerospace componentsWalker, K; Cooper, T; Muránsky, O; Bendeich, PJ
9-Apr-2019Controlling oxygen defect formation and its effect on reversible symmetry lowering and disorder-to-order phase transformations in nonstoichiometric ternary uranium oxidesMurphy, GL; Wang, CH; Zhang, Z; Kowalski, PM; Beridze, G; Avdeev, M; Muránsky, O; Brand, HEA; Gu, QF; Kennedy, BJ
1-Oct-2018Corrosion performance of Ni-16%wt.Mo-X%wt.SiC alloys in FLiNaK molten saltYang, C; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Karatchevtseva, I; Holmes, R; Avdeev, M; Jia, YY; Huang, HF; Zhou, XT
Jun-2021The effect of microstructure and welding-induced plasticity on the strength of Ni–Mo–Cr alloy weldsDanon, AE; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Wei, T; Flores-Johnson, EA; Li, ZJ; Kruzic, JJ
6-Apr-2017The effect of milling time on the microstructural characteristics and strengthening mechanisms of NiMo-SiC alloys prepared via powder metallurgyYang, C; Muránsky, O; Zhu, HL; Thorogood, GJ; Avdeev, M; Huang, HF; Zhou, XT
Jul-2021Effects of post heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of wire arc additively manufactured Hastelloy C276 alloyQiu, ZJ; Wu, BT; Wang, ZY; Wexler, D; Carpenter, K; Zhu, HL; Muránsky, O; Zhang, JR; Li, HJ
26-Mar-2019Energy-resolved neutron imaging options at a small angle neutron scattering instrument at the Australian Center for Neutron ScatteringTremsin, AS; Sokolova, AV; Salvemini, F; Luzin, V; Paradowska, AM; Muránsky, O; Kirkwood, HJ; Abbey, B; Wensrich, CM; Kisi, EH
1-Jul-2013Evaluation of residual stresses in electron-beam welded Zr2.5Nb0.9Hf Zircadyne flange mock-up of a reflector vessel beam tube flangeMuránsky, O; Holden, TM; Kirstein, O; James, JA; Paradowska, AM; Edwards, L
2021The high temperature gas-cooled reactorFütterer, MA; Strydom, G; Sato, H; Li, F; Abonneau, E; Abram, T; Davies, MW; Kim, MW; Edwards, L; Muránsky, O; Pouchon, MA; Yetisir, M
15-Jul-2012The impact of axi-symmetric boundary conditions on predicted residual stress and shrinkage in a PWR nozzle dissimilar metal weldBendeich, PJ; Muránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Smith, MC; Edwards, L
Jun-2009In situ neutron diffraction investigation of deformation twinning and pseudoelastic-like behaviour of extruded AZ31 magnesium alloyMuránsky, O; Carr, DG; Šittner, P; Oliver, EC
1-Jan-2021The incremental contour method using asymmetric stiffness cutsAchouri, A; Hosseinzadeh, F; Bouchard, PJ; Paddea, S; Muránsky, O
Aug-2014The influence of austenite grain size during welding simulations of ferritic steelsHamelin, CJ; Muránsky, O; Edwards, L
1-Sep-2015The influence of constitutive material models on accumulated plastic strain in finite element weld analysesMuránsky, O; Hamelin, CJ; Patel, VI; Braham, C
Jul-2018Investigating optimal cutting configurations for the contour method of weld residual stress measurementMuránsky, O; Hosseinzadeh, F; Hamelin, CJ; Traore, Y; Bendeich, PJ
Mar-2010Investigation of deformation twinning in a fine-grained and coarse-grained ZM20 Mg alloy: combined in situ neutron diffraction and acoustic emissionMuránsky, O; Barnett, MR; Carr, DG; Vogel, SC; Oliver, EC