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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2011Ab initio determination of the structure of the ferroelectric phase of SrTi18O3Bartkowiak, M; Kearley, GJ; Yethiraj, M; Mulders, AM
1-Mar-2010Circularly polarized soft x-ray diffraction study of helical magnetism in hexaferriteMulders, AM; Lawrence, SM; Princep, AJ; Staub, U; Bodenthin, Y; García-Fernández, M; Garganourakis, M; Hester, JR; Macquart, RB; Ling, CD
15-Nov-2012Comparison of the magnetic and crystal field excitations in orthorhombically distorted vanadates and multiferroic manganitesReynolds, N; Rovillain, P; Narayanan, N; Fujioka, F; Tokura, Y; Danilkin, SA; Mulders, AM; McIntyre, GJ; Ulrich, C
14-Aug-2009Direct observation of charge order and an orbital glass state in multiferroic LuFe2O4Mulders, AM; Lawrence, SM; Staub, U; García-Fernández, M; Scagnoli, V; Mazzoli, C; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K; Wang, YD
6-Dec-2010Doping and temperature dependence of Mn 3d states in A-site ordered manganitesGarcía-Fernández, M; Staub, U; Bodenthin, Y; Pomjakushin, V; Mirone, A; Fernández-Rodríguez, J; Scagnoli, V; Mulders, AM; Lawrence, SM; Pomjakushina, E
15-Nov-2012Electromagnons in multiferroics probed by Raman light scattering comparison to neutron scattering investigationsRovillain, P; Graham, PJ; Reynolds, N; Narayanan, N; Gallis, Y; Sacuto, A; Measson, MA; Sakata, H; McIntyre, GJ; Mulders, AM; Ulrich, C; Cazayous, M
13-Jul-2012Evolution of charge order through the magnetic phase transition of LuFe2O4Bartkowiak, M; Mulders, AM; Scagnoli, V; Staub, U; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K
3-Oct-2011Ferroelectric charge order stabilized by antiferromagnetism in multiferroic LuFe(2)O(4)Mulders, AM; Bartkowiak, M; Hester, JR; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K
2-Feb-2012Ferroelectric charge order stabilized by antiferromagnetism in multiferroic LuFe(2)O(4)Mulders, AM; Bartkowiak, M; Hester, JR; Pomjakushina, E; Condor, K
30-Jul-2012High/low-moment phase transition in hexagonal Mn-Fe-P-Si compoundsDung, NH; Zhang, L; Ou, ZQ; Zhao, L; van Eijck, L; Mulders, AM; Avdeev, M; Suard, E; van Dijk, NH; Brück, E
Mar-2008Induced noncollinear magnetic order of Nd3+ in NdNiO3 observed by resonant soft x-ray diffractionScagnoli, V; Staub, U; Bodenthin, Y; García-Fernández, M; Mulders, AM; Meijer, GI; Hammerl, G
2-Feb-2012Inelastic neutron scattering in multiferroic materialsReynolds, NM; Rovillain, P; Graham, PJ; Mulders, AM; McIntyre, GJ; Dainlkin, SA; Schmalzl, K; Reehuis, M; Miyasaka, S; Fujioka, J; Tokura, Y; Keimer, B; Ulrich, C
Aug-2008Magnetic and electronic co states in the layered cobaltate GdBaCo2O5.5-xGarcía-Fernández, M; Scagnoli, V; Staub, U; Mulders, AM; Janousch, M; Bodenthin, Y; Meister, D; Patterson, BD; Mirone, A; Tanaka, Y; Nakamura, T; Grenier, S; Huang, YJ; Conder, K
6-Feb-2014Magnetically driven electric polarization in frustrated magnetic oxide multiferroicsNarayanan, N; Reynolds, NM; Li, F; Mulders, AM; Rovillain, P; Ulrich, C; Bartkowiak, M; Hester, JR; McIntyre, GJ; Hutchison, WD
1-Aug-2013Neutron diffraction study on the magnetic structure of Fe2P-based Mn0.66Fe1.29P1-xSix melt-spun ribbonsOu, ZQ; Zhang, L; Dung, NH; van Eijck, L; Mulders, AM; Avdeev, M; van Dijk, NH; Brück, E
15-Nov-2012Neutron powder diffraction experiments on multiferroic DyMnO 3Narayanan, N; Li, F; Hutchison, WD; Mulders, AM; Reynolds, N; Rovillan, P; Ulrich, C; Hester, JR; McIntyre, GJ
6-Feb-2013O isotope substitution on the multiferroic compound DyMnO3Narayanan, N; Li, F; Hutchison, WD; Reynolds, NM; Rovillain, P; Ulrich, C; Hester, JR; McIntyre, GJ; Mulders, AM
25-Mar-2009On the interface magnetism of thin oxidized co films: orbital and spin momentsMulders, AM; Loosvelt, H; Rodriguez, AF; Popova, E; Konishi, T; Temst, K; Karis, O; Arvanitis, D; van Haesendonck, C
5-Feb-2009Onset of biquadratic coupling in Co/CuMn multilayers studied with polarised neutron reflectivityLoh, NA; Saerbeck, T; Ali, M; Lott, D; Stampfl, APJ; Hickey, BJ; Toperverg, BP; Mulders, AM; Stamps, RL; Klose, F
4-Feb-2004A polarised neutron study of crystal field transitions in CeCu6Harker, SJ; Hicks, TJ; Goossens, DJ; Mulders, AM; Fied, Y; Yu, DH; Kennedy, SJ