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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2014The 18 kDa translocator protein, microglia and neuroinflammationLiu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Hatty, CR; Kam, WWY; Chan, RHY; Pham, TQ; Harrison-Brown, M; Dodson, E; Veale, K; Banati, RB
11-Sep-2018Cellular sources and regional variations in the expression of the neuroinflammatory marker translocator protein (TSPO) in the normal brainBetlazar, C; Harrison-Brown, M; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
10-Sep-2021Control of neuroinflammation through radiation-induced microglial changesBoyd, A; Byrne, S; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
1-Feb-2017Epigenetic silencing of the human 18 kDa translocator protein in a T cell leukemia cell lineMiddleton, RJ; Kam, WWY; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB
2-Feb-2017Functional gains in energy and cell metabolism after TSPO gene insertionLiu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Kam, WWY; Chin, DY; Hatty, CR; Chan, RHY; Banati, RB
1-Jul-2013Green fluorescent protein alters the transcriptional regulation of human mitochondrial genes after gamma irradiationKam, WWY; Middleton, RJ; Lake, V; Banati, RB
3-Aug-2015Guwiyang Wurra–‘Fire Mouse’: a global gene knockout model for TSPO/PBR drug development, loss-of-function and mechanisms of compensation studiesMiddleton, RJ; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB
29-Apr-2019IFN-γ-induced signal-on fluorescence aptasensors: from hybridization chain reaction amplification to 3D optical fiber sensing interface towards a deployable device for cytokine sensingZhang, FY; Deng, F; Liu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Inglis, DW; Anwer, A; Wang, S; Liu, GZ
9-Oct-2016The impact of high and low dose ionising radiation on the central nervous systemBetlazar, C; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
28-Mar-2022Knockout of TSPO delays and reduces amyloid, Tau, astrocytosis and behavioral dysfunctions in Alzheimer’s diseaseCeyzériat, K; Meyer, L; Boutjelda, F; Tsartsalis, S; Amossé, Q; Middleton, RJ; Liu, GJ; Banati, RB; Zilli, T; Garibotto, V; Millet, P; Tournier, BB
28-Feb-2022Long-term diazepam treatment enhances microglial spine engulfment and impairs cognitive performance via the mitochondrial 18 kDa translocator protein (TSPO)Shi, Y; Cui, M; Ochs, K; Brendel, M; Strübing, FL; Briel, N; Eckenweber, F; Zou, CY; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Rupprecht, R; Rudolph, U; Zeilhofer, HU; Rammes, G; Herms, J; Dorostkar, MM
29-Oct-2021Microgravity × radiation: a space mechanobiology approach toward cardiovascular function and diseaseBasirun, C; Ferlazzo, ML; Howell, NR; Liu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Martinac, B; Narayanan, SA; Poole, K; Gentile, C; Chou, J
25-Oct-2021Mitochondrial translocator protein (TSPO) expression in the brain after whole body gamma irradiationBetlazar, C; Middleton, RJ; Howell, NR; Storer, B; Davis, E; Davies, JB; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ
24-Nov-2014Oldest directly dated remains of sheep in ChinaDodson, JR; Dodson, E; Banati, RB; Li, XQ; Atahan, P; Hu, SM; Middleton, RJ; Zhou, XY; Nan, S
19-Nov-2014Positron emission tomography and functional characterization of a complete PBR/TSPO knockoutBanati, RB; Middleton, RJ; Chan, RHY; Hatty, CR; Wai-Ying Kam, W; Quin, C; Graeber, MB; Parmar, A; Zahra, D; Callaghan, PD; Fok, S; Howell, NR; Grégoire, MC; Szabo, A; Pham, TQ; Davis, E; Liu, GJ
19-Jun-2020Selective, high-contrast detection of syngeneic glioblastoma in vivoBanati, RB; Wilcox, P; Xu, R; Yin, G; Si, E; Son, ET; Shimizu, M; Holsinger, RMD; Parmar, A; Zahra, D; Arthur, A; Middleton, RJ; Liu, GJ; Charil, A; Graeber, MB
17-May-2021SP-103 - Scandium-47 and lutetium-177 radiolabelling and stability studies of 1st and 2nd generation DOTA-triphenylphosphonium ligands – potential radionuclide theranostics for treatment of glioblastoma multi-formeWyatt, NA; Hogan, L; Pellegrini, PA; Roberts, MP; Hall, A; Smith, N; Hemzal, E; Hill, L; Howell, NR; Middleton, RJ; Safavi-Naeini, M; Rendina, LM; Fraser, BH
20-May-2017Subcellular distribution of the 18 kDa translocator protein and transcript variant PBR-S in human cellsLiu, GJ; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB
Oct-1994Tissue disposition of 26aluminum in rats measured by accelerator mass spectrometryWalker, VR; Sutton, RA; Meirav, O; Sossi, V; Johnson, R; Klein, J; Fink, D; Middleton, RJ
24-Feb-2020The translocator protein (TSPO) in mitochondrial bioenergetics and immune processesBetlazar, C; Middleton, RJ; Banati, RB; Liu, GJ