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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-201318O isotope substitution on the multiferroic compound DyMnO3Narayanan, N; Li, F; Hutchison, WD; Reynolds, NM; Rovillain, P; Ulrich, C; Hester, JR; McIntyre, GJ; Mulders, AM
24-May-2019The 1st ANSTO-AINSE Workshop on Nuclear Techniques for Cultural HeritageSalvemini, F; White, R; McIntyre, GJ; Bevitt, JJ; Cubbin, K
17-Nov-20152nd Asia-Oceania Instrument Scientist Workshops, Manly, July 19, 2015Hester, JR; Holt, SA; Imperia, P; Piltz, RO; Rehm, C; Rule, KC; Mole, RA; McIntyre, GJ
9-Apr-2013A (3 + 3)-dimensional “hypercubic” oxide-ionic conductor: type ii bi2o3–nb2o5Ling, CD; Schmid, S; Blanchard, PER; Petříček, V; McIntyre, GJ; Sharma, N; Maljuk, A; Yaremchenko, AA; Kharton, VV; Gutmann, MJ; Withers, RL
5-Feb-201337th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting Wagga 2013McIntyre, GJ; Mole, RA
1-Apr-20124-phenoxyphenol: a porous molecular materialThomas, LH; Cheung, E; Jones, AOF; Kallay, AA; Lemée-Cailleau, MH; McIntyre, GJ; Wilson, CC
1-Oct-2021Accurate H-atom parameters for the two polymorphs of L-histi­dine at 5, 105 and 295 KNovelli, G; McMonagle, CJ; Kleemiss, F; Probert, MR; Puschmann, H; Grabowsky, S; Maynard-Casely, HE; McIntyre, GJ; Parsons, S
Jan-2016Accurate hydrogen parameters for the amino acid L-leucineBinns, J; Parsons, S; McIntyre, GJ
12-Aug-2013The antiferromagnetic structures of IrMn3 and their influence on exchange-biasKohn, A; Kovács, A; Fan, R; McIntyre, GJ; Ward, RCC; Goff, JP
1-Dec-2015Area detectors in single-crystal neutron diffractionMcIntyre, GJ
4-Feb-2016Bi(III)-containing lanthanum germanium apatite-type oxide ion conductors and their structure-property relationshipsTate, ML; McIntyre, GJ; Evans, IR
May-2015Bi1−xNbxO1.5+x (x=0.0625, 0.12) fast ion conductors: structures, stability and oxide ion migration pathwaysTate, ML; Hack, J; Kuang, X; McIntyre, GJ; Withers, RL; Johnson, MR; Evans, IR
4-Feb-2020Carbon molecules in space: a thermal equation of state study of solid hexamethylenetetramineNovelli, G; McIntyre, GJ; Maynard-Casely, HE; Marshall, WG; Kamenev, KV; Parsons, S
3-Jun-2016Chemical pressure effects on crystal and magnetic structures of bilayer manganites PrA2Mn2O7 (A = Sr or Ca)Deng, G; Sheptyakov, D; Pomjakushin, V; Medarde, M; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K; Kenzelmann, M; Studer, AJ; Gardner, JS; McIntyre, GJ
31-Jan-2018The cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA at OPALDeng, G; Yano, SI; Wu, CM; Peng, JC; Gardner, JS; Imamovic, E; Vorderwisch, P; Li, WH; McIntyre, GJ
15-Nov-2012Comparison of the magnetic and crystal field excitations in orthorhombically distorted vanadates and multiferroic manganitesReynolds, N; Rovillain, P; Narayanan, N; Fujioka, F; Tokura, Y; Danilkin, SA; Mulders, AM; McIntyre, GJ; Ulrich, C
22-Apr-2012A crystal chemical investigation of armenite, BaCa2Al6Si9O30·H2O: the behavior of extra framework Ca cations and H2O molecules in microporous silicatesGeiger, CA; Gatta, GD; Xue, X; McIntyre, GJ
15-Nov-2012Crystal chemistry of boron-containing minerals by single-crystal neutron diffractionGatta, GD; McIntyre, GJ
1-Sep-2014Crystallography at ANSTO’s jewel, the OPAL reactorMaynard-Casely, HE; McIntyre, GJ
31-Aug-2020Defect structure and property consequence when small Li+ ions meet BaTiO3Narayanan, N; Lou, Q; Rawal, A; Lu, T; Liu, Z; Chen, J; Langley, J; Chen, H; Hester, JR; Cox, N; Fuess, H; McIntyre, GJ; Li, G; Yu, DH; Liu, Y