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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2013Coral microatoll reconstructions of El Niño-southern oscillation: new windows on seasonal and interannual processesMcGregor, HV; Woodroffe, CD; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Fink, D
31-May-2010El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) from 0-2 kaMcGregor, HV; Phipps, SJ; Woodroffe, CD; Gagan, MK; Fink, D
15-Jul-2011Environmental control of the oxygen isotope composition of Porities coral microatollsMcGregor, HV; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Fink, D; Woodroffe, CD
10-Nov-2014Equatorial Pacific coral geochemical records show recent weakening of the Walker CirculationCarilli, JE; McGregor, HV; Gaudry, JJ; Donner, SD; Gagan, MK; Stevenson, S; Wong, HKY; Fink, D
25-Jul-2013Interlaboratory study for coral Sr/Ca and other element/Ca ratio measurementsHathorne, EC; Gagnon, A; Felis, T; Adkins, J; Asami, R; Boer, W; Caillon, N; Case, D; Cobb, KM; Douville, E; deMenocal, P; Eisenhauer, A; Garbe-Schönberg, D; Geibert, W; Goldstein, S; Hughen, K; Inoue, M; Kawahata, H; Kölling, M; Cornec, FL; Linsley, BK; McGregor, HV; Montagna, P; Nurhati, IS; Quinn, TM; Raddatz, J; Rebaubier, H; Robinson, L; Sadekov, A; Sherrell, R; Sinclair, D; Tudhope, AW; Wei, GJ; Wong, HKY; Wu, HC; You, CF
5-Aug-2012Microatolls and the record of Holocene sea level that can be derived from themWoodroffe, CD; Smithers, SG; McGregor, HV; Fink, D; Lambeck, K
Aug-2008Mid-holocene variability in the marine C-14 reservoir age for northern coastal Papua New GuineaMcGregor, HV; Gagan, MK; McCulloch, MT; Hodge, E; Mortimer, GE
1-Oct-2012Mid-Pacific microatolls record sea-level stability over the past 5000yrWoodroffe, CD; McGregor, HV; Lambeck, K; Smithers, SG; Fink, D
1-Sep-2013Paleoclimate data-model comparison and the role of climate forcings over the past 1500 YearsPhipps, SJ; McGregor, HV; Gergis, J; Gallant, AJE; Neukom, R; Stevenson, S; Ackerley, D; Brown, JR; Fischer, MJ; van Ommen, TD
31-Jan-2012Quantifiying seasonal-scale changes in El Niño southern oscillation for the past millenniaMcGregor, HV; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Woodroffe, CD; Fink, D; Phipps, SJ; Zhao, JX
5-Aug-2012Radiocarbon surface ocean reservoir ages over the past 6,000 years from Porites microatolls, Christmas (Kiritimati) Island, central Pacific OceanFink, D; Carilli, JE; McGregor, HV; Woodroffe, CD; Zhao, JX; Fallon, SJ
1-Apr-2011Rapid u-series dating of young fossil corals by laser ablation MC-ICPMSMcGregor, HV; Hellstrom, JC; Fink, D; Hua, Q; Woodroffe, CD
18-May-2015Reply to comment by Karnauskas et al. on “Equatorial Pacific coral geochemical records show recent weakening of the Walker circulation”Carilli, JE; McGregor, HV; Gaudry, JJ; Donner, SD; Gagan, MK; Stevenson, S; Wong, HKY; Fink, D
13-Feb-2013Solar and volcanic forcing of the Southern Hemisphere climate over the past 1500 yearsPhipps, SJ; Ackerley, D; Brown, JR; Curran, MAJ; Fischer, MJ; Gallant, A; Gergis, J; McGregor, HV; Neukom, R; Plummer, C; Stevenson, S; van Ommen, TD
5-Sep-2013A weak El Niño/Southern Oscillation with delayed seasonal growth around 4,300 years agoMcGregor, HV; Fischer, MJ; Gagan, MK; Fink, D; Phipps, SJ; Wong, HKY; Woodroffe, CD