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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2013Developing national capability for the production and use of radiometal based radiopharmaceuticalsLengkeek, NA; Pellegrini, PA; Oehlke, E; Fraser, BH; Greguric, I
11-Apr-2013Development of novel ligands for emerging radiometal isotopesAshford, ME; Burgess, L; Cheah, WC; Krause-Heuer, AM; Fraser, BH; Greguric, I; Lengkeek, NA
1-Dec-2013Influence of metal ions on the Ga-68-labeling of dotatateOehlke, E; Le, VS; Lengkeek, NA; Pellegrini, PA; Jackson, TW; Greguric, I; Weiner, R
23-Oct-2015Ionophoric properties of a tetra-tetrazole functionalised calix[4]areneD'Alessio, D; Skelton, BW; Lengkeek, NA; Fraser, BH; Krause-Heuer, AM; Muzzioli, S; Stagni, S; Massi, M; Ogden, MI
4-Oct-2014Lanthanoid “bottlebrush” clusters: remarkably elongated metal–oxo core structures with controllable lengthsD'Alessio, D; Sobolev, AN; Skelton, BW; Fuller, RO; Woodward, RC; Lengkeek, NA; Fraser, BH; Massi, M; Ogden, MI
12-Nov-2012A new class of fluorinated 5-pyrrolidinylsulfonyl isatin caspase inhibitors for PET imaging of apoptosisKrause-Heuer, AM; Howell, NR; Matesic, L; Dhand, G; Young, EL; Burgess, L; Jiang, CD; Lengkeek, NA; Fookes, CJR; Pham, TQ; Sobrio, F; Greguric, I; Fraser, BH
1-Oct-2015Solvent extraction of rare earth elements using phosphonic/phosphinic acid mixturesQuinn, JE; Soldenhoff, KH; Stevens, GW; Lengkeek, NA
21-Oct-2015The synthesis and fluorescence profile of novel thalidomide analoguesKampmann, SS; Skelton, BW; Yeoh, GC; Abraham, LJ; Lengkeek, NA; Stubbs, KA; Heath, CH; Stewart, SG
20-Jun-2016Synthesis and in vivo biological evaluation of 68Ga labelled carbonic anhydrase IX targeting small molecules for positron emission tomographySneddon, D; Niemans, R; Bauwens, M; Yaromina, A; van Kuijk, SJA; Lieuwes, NG; Biemans, R; Pooters, I; Pellegrini, PA; Lengkeek, NA; Greguric, I; Tonissen, KR; Supuran, CT; Lambin, P; Dubois, L; Poulsen, S
15-Aug-2015Synthesis and in vivo evaluation of [123I]melanin-targeted agentsRoberts, MP; Nguyen, VH; Ashford, ME; Berghofer, PJ; Wyatt, NA; Krause-Heuer, AM; Pham, TQ; Taylor, SR; Hogan, L; Jiang, CD; Fraser, BH; Lengkeek, NA; Matesic, L; Grégoire, MC; Denoyer, D; Hicks, RJ; Katsifis, A; Greguric, I
19-Jun-2013Synthesis and radiolabelling of DOTA-linked glutamine analogues with 67,68Ga as markers for increased glutamine metabolism in tumour cellsPellegrini, PA; Howell, NR; Shepherd, R; Lengkeek, NA; Oehlke, E; Katsifis, A; Greguric, I
7-Nov-2016Synthesis and stability studies of Ga‐67 labeled phosphonium saltsKardashinsky, M; Lengkeek, NA; Rendina, LM
27-Jan-2017Tunable and noncytotoxic PET/SPECT-MRI multimodality imaging probes using colloidally stable ligand-free superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticlesPham, THN; Lengkeek, NA; Greguric, I; Kim, BJ; Pellegrini, PA; Bickley, SA; Tanudji, MR; Jones, SK; Hawkett, BS; Pham, BTT