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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2011The CG1 instrument development test station at the high flux isotope reactorCrow, L; Robertson, L; Bilheux, H; Fleenor, M; Iverson, E; Tong, X; Stoica, D; Lee, WT
31-Jan-2017Direct evidence for the spin cycloid in strained nanoscale bismuth ferrite thin filmsBertinshaw, J; Maran, R; Callori, SJ; Ramesh, V; Cheung, J; Dainlkin, SA; Lee, WT; Hu, S; Seidel, J; Valanoor, N; Ulrich, C
1-Jun-2010Dynamical theory calculations of spin-echo resolved grazing-incidence scattering from a diffraction gratingAshkar, R; Stonaha, P; Washington, AL; Shah, VR; Fitzsimmons, MR; Maranville, B; Majkrzak, CF; Lee, WT; Schaich, WL; Pynn, R
4-Feb-2014Ferromagnetism of Co, Eu Co-doped ZnO and 5%-Co doped TiO2 magnetic semiconductorsLee, OJ; Lou, X; Lee, WT; Lauter, V; Triani, G; Li, S; Yi, JB
16-Dec-2010In-situ polarized 3 He-based neutron polarization analyzer for SNS magnetism reflectometerLee, WT; Tong, X; Pierce, J; Fleenor, M; Ismaili, A; Robertson, JL; Chen, WC; Gentile, TR; Hailemariam, A; Goyette, R; Parizzi, A; Lauter, V; Klose, F; Kaiser, H; Lavelle, C; Baxter, DV; Jones, GL; Wexler, J; McCollum, L
4-Feb-2020Magnetic ordering in superconducting sandwichesChan, A; van der Heijden, NJ; Söhnel, T; Simpson, MC; Rule, KC; Causer, GL; Lee, WT; Bernard, C; Mallett, BPP
29-Nov-2016Magnetic structures of magnetocaloric (Mn1-xNix)CoGe and Mn(Co1-xNix)Ge alloysRen, QY; Hutchison, WD; Wang, JL; Studer, AJ; Lee, WT; Cadogan, JM; Campbell, SJ
1-Oct-2013Neutron spin evolution through broadband current sheet spin flippersStonaha, P; Hendrie, J; Lee, WT; Pynn, R
12-Jul-2017Performance test on neutron polarization analysis capability of PELICAN –time of flight cold neutron spectrometerD'Adam, TM; Lee, WT; Mole, RA; Yu, DH
2-Feb-2012Polarised 3He based neutron polarisers and analysers for magnetism research on ANSTO instrumentsLee, WT; Klose, F; Jullien, D; Andersen, KH
31-Jan-2017Polarised neutron diffraction study of the spin cycloid in strained nanoscale bismuth ferrite thin filmsLee, WT; Bertinshaw, J; Maran, R; Callori, SJ; Ramesh, V; Cheung, J; Danilkin, SA; Hu, S; Seidel, J; Valanoor, N; Ulrich, C
31-Jan-2018Polarised neutrons for material science research at ANSTOLee, WT; D'Adam, TM
30-Jan-2018Polarised neutrons for material science research at ANSTOLee, WT; D'Adam, TM
3-Feb-2015Polarised neutrons for materials research on OPAL instrumentsLee, WT
4-Feb-2014Polarised neutrons for materials sciences research at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Lee, WT; Studer, AJ; Rule, KC; Danilkin, SA; Yu, DH; Mole, RA; Kennedy, SJ; Gilbert, EP; Wood, K; Klose, F; D'Adam, T
1-Jun-2013Spin exchange optical pumping based polarized He-3 filling station for the hybrid spectrometer at the spallation neutron sourceJiang, CY; Tong, X; Brown, DR; Culbertson, H; Graves-Brook, MK; Hagen, ME; Kadron, B; Lee, WT; Robertson, JL; Winn, B
30-Jan-2018Stability and scaling behavior of the spin cycloid in BiFeO3 thin filmsBurns, SR; Sando, D; Bertinshaw, J; Russell, L; Xu, X; Maran, R; Callori, SJ; Ramash, V; Cheung, J; Danilkin, SA; Deng, G; Lee, WT; Hu, S; Bellaiche, L; Seidel, J; Valanoor, N; Ulrich, C
5-Feb-2014Temperature dependence of structural parameters of the layered magnetic glass Fe0.5Ni0.5PS3Goossens, DJ; Lee, WT; Studer, AJ
23-Apr-2013Time-of-flight polarized neutron reflectometry on PLATYPUS: status and future developmentsSaerbeck, T; Cortie, DL; Brück, S; Bertinshaw, J; Holt, SA; Nelson, A; James, M; Lee, WT; Klose, F