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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-201490° magnetic coupling in a NiFe/FeMn/biased NiFe multilayer spin valve component investigated by polarized neutron reflectometryCallori, SJ; Bertinshaw, J; Cortie, DL; Cai, JW; Le Brun, AP; Zhu, T; Klose, F
5-Feb-201490° magnetic coupling in a NiFe/FeMn/biased NiFe spin valve investigated by polarised neutron reflectometryCallori, SJ; Zhu, T; Klose, F
12-Jul-2017Advancing the reflectometry cause at ANSTO - updates and upgrades to the time-of-flight Platypus Neutron Reflectometer.Nelson, A; Holt, SA; Darmann, F; Klose, F
Nov-2008Antiferromagnetism in a Fe50Pt40Rh10 thin film investigated using neutron diffractionLott, D; Fenske, J; Schreyer, A; Mani, P; Mankey, GJ; Klose, F; Schmidt, W; Schmalzl, K; Tartakovskaya, EV
6-Oct-2010Artificially modulated chemical order in thin films: a different approach to create ferro/antiferromagnetic interfacesSaerbeck, T; Klose, F; Lott, D; Mankey, GJ; Lu, Z; LeClair, PR; Schmidt, W; Stampfl, APJ; Danilkin, SA; Yethiraj, M; Schreyer, A
11-Apr-2008Chemical-order-induced magnetic exchange bias in epitaxial FePt3 filmsLott, D; Klose, F; Ambaye, H; Mankey, GJ; Mani, P; Wolff, M; Schreyer, A; Christen, HM; Sales, BC
1-Nov-2012Correlating uncompensated antiferromagnetic moments and exchange coupling interactions in interface ion-beam bombarded Co90Fe10/CoFe-oxide bilayersShueh, C; Chen, PS; Cortie, DL; Klose, F; Chen, WC; Wu, TH; van Lierop, J; Lin, KW
12-Jul-2017Depth control of ferromagnetism in FePt3 films by ion-irradiationCauser, GL; Cortie, DL; Zhu, HL; Ionescu, M; Mankey, GJ; Klose, F
11-Jul-2014Element-specific depth profile of magnetism and stoichiometry at the La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/BiFeO3 interfaceBertinshaw, J; Brück, S; Lott, D; Fritzsche, H; Khaydukov, Y; Soltwedel, O; Keller, T; Goering, E; Audehm, P; Cortie, DL; Hutchison, WD; Ramasse, QM; Arredondo, M; Maran, R; Nagarajan, V; Klose, F; Ulrich, C
1-Jan-2014Enhancement of the magnetic interfacial exchange energy at a specific interface in NiFe/CoO/Co trilayer thin films via ion-beam modificationCortie, DL; Ting, YW; Chen, PS; Tan, X; Lin, KW; Klose, F
29-Apr-2016Evolution of the neutron-scattering capability on the OPAL reactor at ANSTOKlose, F; Constantine, P; Kennedy, SJ; Schulz, JC; Robinson, RA; Holden, PJ; McIntyre, GJ
7-Aug-2012Exchange bias in a nanocrystalline hematite/permalloy thin film investigated with polarized neutron reflectometryCortie, DL; Lin, KW; Shueh, C; Hsu, HF; Wang, XL; James, M; Fritzsche, H; Brück, S; Klose, F
5-Feb-2016Growth and properties of strain-tuned SrCoOx (25≤ x<3) thin filmsHu, S; Seidel, J; Klose, F
Jul-2008High magnetization FeCo/Pd multilayersWalock, MJ; Ambaye, H; Chshiev, M; Klose, F; Butler, WH; Mankey, GJ
16-Dec-2010In-situ polarized 3 He-based neutron polarization analyzer for SNS magnetism reflectometerLee, WT; Tong, X; Pierce, J; Fleenor, M; Ismaili, A; Robertson, JL; Chen, WC; Gentile, TR; Hailemariam, A; Goyette, R; Parizzi, A; Lauter, V; Klose, F; Kaiser, H; Lavelle, C; Baxter, DV; Jones, GL; Wexler, J; McCollum, L
26-Feb-2014Intrinsic reduction of the ordered 4f magnetic moments in semiconducting rare-earth nitride thin films: DyN, ErN, and HoNCortie, DL; Brown, JD; Brück, S; Saerbeck, T; Evans, JP; Fritzsche, H; Wang, XL; Downes, JE; Klose, F
29-Nov-2016Magnetic proximity effect in YBCO/STO/LCMO multilayersPaull, O; Causer, GL; Pan, AV; Klose, F
31-Jan-2017Magnetic proximity effect in YBCO/STO/LCMO multilayersPaull, O; Causer, GL; Pan, AV; Klose, F
22-Oct-2012The magnetic structure of an epitaxial BiMn0.5Fe0.5O3 thin film on SrTiO3 (001) studied with neutron diffractionCortie, DL; Stampfl, APJ; Klose, F; Du, Y; Wang, XL; Zhao, HY; Kimura, H; Cheng, ZX
31-Jan-2017Magneto-electronic hydrogen gas sensingCauser, GL; Leung, C; Callori, SJ; Metaxas, P; Klose, F; Kostylev, M