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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2018Carbon isotope fractionation in the mangrove Avicennia marina has implications for food web and blue carbon researchKelleway, JJ; Mazumder, D; Baldock, JA; Saintilan, N
30-Oct-2010Effect of acidification on elemental and isotopic compositions of sediment organic matter and macro-invertebrate muscle tissues in food web researchMazumder, D; Iles, J; Kelleway, JJ; Kobayashi, T; Knowles, L; Saintilan, N; Hollins, SE
22-May-2019Equivalence of trophic structure between a tropical and temperate mangrove ecosystem in the Indo-PacificMazumder, D; Saintilan, N; Yusoff, FM; Kelleway, JJ
7-Jul-2017Geochemical analyses reveal the importance of environmental history for blue carbon sequestrationKelleway, JJ; Saintilan, N; Macreadie, PI; Baldock, JA; Heijnis, H; Zawadzki, A; Gadd, PS; Jacobsen, GE; Ralph, PJ
25-Aug-2010Grazing kangaroos act as local recyclers of energy on semiarid floodplainsIles, J; Kelleway, JJ; Kobayashi, T; Mazumder, D; Knowles, L; Priddel, D; Saintilan, N
31-Mar-2021Incorporation of local dissolved organic carbon into floodplain aquatic ecosystemsSaintilan, N; Kelleway, JJ; Mazumder, D; Kobayashi, T; Wen, L
6-Feb-2019Mangrove dynamics and blue carbon sequestrationRogers, K; Saintilan, N; Mazumder, D; Kelleway, JJ
22-Mar-2016Seventy years of continuous encroachment substantially increases ‘blue carbon’ capacity as mangroves replace intertidal salt marshesKelleway, JJ; Saintilan, N; Macreadie, PI; Skilbeck, CG; Zawadzki, A; Ralph, PJ
13-Jun-2019Thirty-year repeat measures of mangrove above- and below-ground biomass reveals unexpectedly high carbon sequestrationLamont, K; Saintilan, N; Kelleway, JJ; Mazumder, D; Zawadzki, A
27-Apr-2010Trophic structure of benthic resources and consumers varies across a regulated floodplain wetlandKelleway, JJ; Mazumder, D; Wilson, GG; Saintilan, N; Knowles, L; Iles, J; Kobayashi, T
Apr-2010Using isotopic techniques to assess trophic structure in northern Murray-Darling Basin wetlandsKelleway, JJ; Mazumder, D; Wilson, G; Kobayashi, T
6-Mar-2019Wetland carbon storage controlled by millennial-scale variation in relative sea-level riseRogers, K; Kelleway, JJ; Saintilan, N; Megonigal, JP; Adams, JB; Holmquist, JR; Lu, M; Schile-Beers, L; Zawadski, A; Mazumder, D; Woodroffe, CD