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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-1996Characterization and leaching behavior of plutonium-bearing Synroc-CSmith, KL; Lumpkin, GR; Blackford, MG; Hambley, M; Day, RA; Hart, KP; Jostsons, A
15-Feb-1996Dissolution of Synroc in deionised water at 150°CSmith, KL; Colella, M; Thorogood, GJ; Blackford, MG; Lumpkin, GR; Hart, KP; Prince, KE; Loi, E; Jostsons, A
1995Interface phenomena in synroc, a titanate-based nuclear waste ceramicVance, ER; Ball, CJ; Blackford, MG; Day, RA; Lumpkin, GR; Smith, KL; Hart, KP; McGlinn, PJ; Thorogood, GJ
1-May-1994JAERI/ANSTO co-operative research on radiation damage and actinide behaviour in SynrocMuraoka, S; Mitamura, H; Matsumoto, S; Vance, ER; Hart, KP
Dec-1998Japan-Australian co-operative program on research and development of technology for the management of high level radioactive wastes, 1985 to 1998: final reportHart, KP; Mitamura, H; Vance, ER; Banba, T; Lumpkin, GR
28-Aug-1988Management of wastes from the processing of rare earth mineralsHart, KP; Levins, DM
2007Partitioning and leaching behavior of actinides and rare earth elements in a zirconolite-bearing hydrothermal vein systemPayne, TE; Gieré, R; Hart, KP; Lumpkin, GR; McGlinn, PJ
5-Nov-2001Radioactive waste management at ANSTO - managing current and historic wastesHarries, JR; Dimitrovski, L; Hart, KP; Levins, DM
Aug-1990A report to NERDDP on project no. 1319 entitled : description of synroc durability: kinetics and mechanisms of reactionJostsons, A; Smith, KL; Blackford, MG; Hart, KP; Lumpkin, GR; McGlinn, PJ; Myhra, S; Netting, A; Pham, DK; Smart, RStC; Turner, PS
1-Dec-1994Retention of actinides in natural pyrochlores and zirconolitesLumpkin, GR; Hart, KP; McGlinn, PJ; Payne, TE
1-Mar-2002The role of titanate ceramics in immobilisation of wastes arising from partitioning and weapons dispositionHart, KP; Zhang, YJ; Begg, BD; Aly, Z; Brownscombe, AJ; Day, RA; Stewart, MWA; Lumpkin, GR; Vance, ER; Jotsons, A
Dec-2001Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXIVHart, KP; Lumpkin, GR